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Original Post

Hi Linda,

There is no record of your account ever becoming a Supporting Member. I looked to see if you possibly had another account that did have Supporting Membership, but the only other account I found (registered to someone named A. Votish) was one that hasn't been visited since 2015. It was also never a Supporting Member.

Become a Supporting Member at this link or write back if you are certain that you have been a Supporting Member.

-- Carol

Hi Linda

There are no lesson plans written yet on the Amor of God by the Writing Team, so therefore all current lessons and ideas at for this topic can be found in the public forums, which do not require a supporting membership.

So here is a quick link to The Amor of God material at Hopefully, you can find something there to use for tomorrow.



I'm pondering how I may be able to use lesson ideas here with our children grades 3-5 during children's church.  Our idea is to use 3-4 30-minute sessions to study different aspects and perspectives of one story with the intent of creating something (drama, craft, game, etc.) to share with the younger children on the first Sunday of the month.  We have a small group of children (6-10), and our hope is to build on our project each week as we unravel layers to the story and it's applications.  It seems that we could potentially focus on one "rotation" for each story...either the drama, craft, or game, etc.  Any tips, suggestions, or warnings?  

Thank you!! - Jen

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