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Hi - at one time recently, I found a lesson that explained prevenient, justifying and sanctifying grace.  I cannot find it now.  boo hoo.  What I remember was a very special present that was given to just one person in the class.  The present was opened and full of all kinds of things.  The hope is the class member would share all the things.    Can you help me find this?  My computer melted and I lost many of my notes/

Hi there,

I've been writing Family Devotions (faith-on-the-go) that is posted on my website (opps currently down with server issue and rebuild-should be up in a few days).  Would you be interested in lessons for I Samuel 8-13?  Great scriptures for identifying with feelings of wanting something that may not be good for us.


Hi, Barbara! 

We love when members of our community share resources they have created!

You can post your devotions and lessons from 1 Samuel in this forum. Do they relate to King Saul? or would you need another topic to post them under?

Let us know if you need help posting. 


The focus would be on the people of Israel demanded a king, to be like the other nations and wanting a king.  They did not heed Samuel's warning that if they did not serve the Lord only, they would be in deep trouble because they did not follow God's command.  

Ummm, mainly about Samuel and the Israelites wanting something that was not good for them.

Lessons are not completed at this time.

Thank you for your help!!



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