Some camp fire and other sources of "lighting" photos...

built with a tissue paper fire

camp fire

 This one was done with a picture of flames

This light when turned "on" operates a light and a small fan that blows the "flames"

hanging lamp

Thoughts on building a fake campfire...

GRACE: We made a cone by gluing together small "logs" or twigs, (about 1-1.5" diameter sized sticks worked well) so that the base of the cone was about 18 inches and it stood about 1 foot high. Leave some gaps between the sticks.  We stuffed yellow cellophane up inside of it and sat it over a small lava lamp. We found the lava lamp at one of those novelty stores the kids love.

NEIL: The cellophane in-between the skinny logs is a great idea. I think I'd then use white LED rope, rather than glass lava lamp  

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