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We will be having a planning meeting this Sunday. We had an initial meeting a week ago and the people that did come seemed to be excited about it. The problem, everyone has different ideas on decorating. Some feel that the kids should decorate it making it their own incorporating it into the art workshop. I feel that we should be getting the talent from our congregation in making it be something we can all be proud of including the kids. It scares me to think what the rooms would look like having pre-schoolers and younger kids in on the decorating process. I envision 40 people downstairs all with different ideas on how it will be done and getting nothing done in the process. Is it best to have a decorating committee who gets that all figured out? Am I worrying too much? Help!

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Here is what we did:
The Children and Family Ministries Committee determined the name of the program and then decided which rooms we would begin with.
We chose the names of the rooms:
Thou Art
Book of Acts (puppets/drama)
BibleMax Theater (movies/video)
Mouse Pad (computers)
Signs and Wonders (Bible skills/games)
Tent of Meeting (story-telling room)

We invited teams of 2-4 people each to "take on" one of the rooms. We gave them the name of the room, what would be done in it, and an idea of budget. We had them look at pic's from other churches on the web site and let them go. I was involved with each team on a daily basis for help, encouragement, and brainstorming.
Each team knew the "drop dead" completion date.
It worked great and people had a wonderful time doing the rooms and working together. I worked 3 weeks straight with no days off but it was such fun!

Having the kids contribute can be great- our art room has kids hand prints all over as a border, but giving kids the whole job is a bit much.
How about families working together to create a room? Kids and grandparent teams?
The children can certainly use their art projects etc to help decorate rooms once the program is going.

Remind your team that the rooms are to enhance the learning for the children and create an environment where the learning comes alive.

Good luck and have fun!
Jan Snell

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