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The image pictured right is from's Annie Vallotton Bible Illustrations Collection.

This topic is for posting ideas for teaching/resourcing the story of the Last Supper --ideas that don't naturally fit in the "workshop" (teaching medium) topics already posted, such as games, art, and software.

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Hosting a Virtual Last Supper on Zoom

for those who cannot attend in person

This idea arose during the 2020-21 pandemic when we needed ways to come together virtually, but very quickly folks saw its value for including folks who couldn't attend in person in ANY year. It could also be a great way to invite friends and neighbors to participate, as well as far flung family members.

it could be used for Sunday School or fellowship, or in worship or intergenerational event.

Traditionally, "Last Supper" Thursday evening services, and Good Friday noon services are largely attended in-person by "older" folks -- leaving out many families, youth, and children. Adding a Zoom element would allow more people to participate.  In two churches where I've served, we held a "dramatized" Last Supper Worship Service --that began eating simple "Last Supper foods" around tables in fellowship hall (grapes, hummus, bread, etc.), followed by a "reader's theater" reading and re-enactment of the Last Supper by certain members invited to take their place as a "head table."  The meal and re-enactment could easily be streamed on Zoom so that members could see each other and those not present in person.


Above: Jesus and the Disciples at their Virtual Last Supper


The photo above with the women portraying the disciples at the Last Supper comes from a Second City video skit posted to YouTube by that famous comedy club. It's a bit too irreverent for our site and contains a swear word right at the end so I am not recommending it for church use with kids or youth, but the graphic inspire us to create our own "Zoom Supper" with some scripted disciple dialog that illustrates things they were wrestling with that night, such as "distractions," "disbelief," "betrayal," sadness, loyalty, and trying to grasp what was about to happen and WHY it had to happen. The Second City video will give you some ideas.

In your own "Last Supper Zoom Meal" you could invite your disciples to dress up. You could assign the names of disciples to various participants and give them lines to repeat.  People could have whatever foods they want to make up their meal, but every participant will need bread and cup.

On cue, all can break their bread and eat, and all can raise their cup and drink.

You could also discuss the "nature" of Communion given that we are not doing it amid all the physical trappings of the sanctuary. How does it change or enhance the meaning?

How about a virtual foot-washing! This traditional practice is difficult to pull-off in a church setting but can be a lot easier when it's done at home between family members.


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  • DaVinci Last Supper Zoom
  • Last Supper Zoom Event

We did a Zoom Last Supper modeled on the Second City one (mentioned above).  It was so much fun!  Our characters ranged in age from 7 to 70.

It took some work to re-do the script to make it family-friendly, but it was definitely worth the effort.  Thanks for a great idea.

Margaret Dunifon, First Christian Church, Lynchburg, VA

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