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This discussion thread is for posting "other" ideas and resources for teaching the story of Palm Sunday.

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Free Bible illustrations by Richard Gunther contributed to and licensed for non-commercial teaching use. Good for teaching with non-readers and for using as "charade" or Pictionary clues, and for story-ordering games.

"King Jesus" illustrations: https://www.freebibleimages.or...tions/rg-king-jesus/

To see all of his illustrations organized by Bible story go to https://www.freebibleimages.or...tors/richardgunther/

You can also see many of his Bible illustrations formatted by author Jill Kemp as FREE printable Bible story books for younger children and preschoolers at (NEW Testament stories) and (OLD Testament stories).

One-page printable storybook with illustrations


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I originally wrote this "Palm Sunday for Non-Believers" resource for a church newsletter and published it on another website with the image. You are welcome to borrow it. It is intended to explain Palm Sunday to non-believers and invite them to celebrate what Jesus stood for.

And subliminally, it's a message to our parents.


Here's the text seen in the image:

Palm Sunday is also about cheering for the good, the humble, the hopeful. It’s about those who love instead of hate, …those willing to ride into trouble on behalf of others and speak truth to power, instead of staying home.

Even if you don’t believe “in” Jesus, you can believe in his way of living, and his way of showing us what’s worth dying for, -and cheer for that. We need heroes who live up to the hype. Here comes one now.”

Here's the text of the devotion I included below the image:

Yes, Palm Sunday is also about Jesus reminding us that the real king is here, and he’s come with a gift, not condemnation. But let’s remember that Jesus didn’t reveal who he was -even to his closest disciples, until the time was right for each of them.   Instead of complaining about Doubting Thomas, Jesus gave him time. Instead of smiting Saul the anti-Christian, Jesus chose a time to meet him down the road.

In an increasingly secular world, those of us who believe in him would do well to simply remind others that Jesus was an amazing human being. That he is worthy of listening to, …of being your hero, and raising a palm in honor.

That Jesus is…

  • the kind of teacher you want your kids to have,
  • the kind of boss you want to work for,
  • the friend who has your back, and your hand in dark times,
  • the parent we wish we had grown up with,
  • the trusted companion whose unconditional love and advice are always amazing.
  • the kind of hopeful message the world needs more of.

This is how his disciples, followers, and palm-wavers experienced him that day. Nobody knew what was coming next.  And if it had all ended then, Jesus would have still been worthy of our adulation, and example to follow, a man whose message was worth repeating.


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