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The Book of Psalms
Timothy R Botts (calligrapher/illustrator)
Tyndale House Publishers
ISBN 0-8423-4955-3

This book has spectacularly illustrated calligraphy of some of the psalms, New Living Translation.

It is a good start for creative writing, art, journaling or introducing a Psalm.


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Psalms of Thanksgiving

List of Psalms of Thanksgiving from Nave's Topical Bible:

Large printable Psalm posters:

Ideas for Visualizing the Psalms
The vivid images in most psalms can inspire illustrating activities,

  • "Pictionary" style games, and even "charades." For example, in the following are visual words "praise," and "song" and "magnify." 
  • If you are studying one psalm, you could split into teams to see who can come up with the best visual non-verbal reciting of the psalm. You could split a longer psalm into dramatize-able sections.   
  • You could create a handout of psalm verses (all on the same subject, such as worship or thanksgiving. Give the handout to everybody and then secretly assign one psalm to each student who then acts it out. Class guesses which psalm they are acting out.


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