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This topic is for posting Video and other Audio-Visual Workshop Lessons & Ideas for Psalm 23.

YouTube Video showing shepherds and sheep in the Judean Wilderness. Explains "sheep," "green pastures," etc.  4 minutes. Very good.

This is a clip from Ray Vander Laan's "Walking with God" series.

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Create your own video:


Posted by member Cheryl...


You could create your own video. Our kids really love "object theater," so that comes to mind right away as an easy thing to tape. (Object Theater is where you use everyday objects as puppets. Pillows with googly eyes as sheep, for example.)


Or, if you have shadow puppets, video that...


Orr why not video tape several re-enactments? You could do puppetry, have it sung, object theater, have a child dressed as a sheep and having to act out what the narrator says, but being a "timid" "attitudinal" questioning sheep ("like really?").





Posted by Neil MacQueen...


Last time we did Psalm 23, we made our own video. The Psalm has several vivid scenes and actions that the kids can depict. We had a big stuffed sheep which the kids positioned in each scene, but you could easily substitute a kid with a cotton-ball ball cap.

The other students either read aloud or acted in each scene. My favorite was the kids writing out scary and frightening things in life and showing them to the sheep as we trundled the sheep past their "valley of shadows."  At the table full of enemies, after warily approaching and giving each other dirty looks, the student broke bread (communion like), and they all shook hands.


We spent about 20 minutes in Bible study talking about what each line of the psalm might "look" like. The only audio was the narrator.  With the older kids, we expanded the meaning of the lines a little bit by adding things like: showing a sheep straying, and a rod/staff guiding them back on trail. For oil on head we used water. For cup overflows, we used stacked up clear cups in a pyramid, goodness filled the top cup and flowed into the rest. And so on.... 

Added material shared in the Help Forum.
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A member had asked in the help forum, for video ideas on Psalm 23. Here were some of the responses by Luanne (who is our resident resource expert)...


Internet Video Shorts (Payment Required)

Paws & Tales Animated Series

  • God Cares for You - Includes two stories:  'The Good Shepherd' & 'A Good Foundation' (30 min episodes) by Tyndale (Chuck Swindoll), 9781414341071. You can view "The Good Shepherd" on You Tube at

    Publisher Description:  "C.J. and Ned are shepherds for a day! Really, how tough can it be? But when wolves plan an attack, they learn first-hand it's not as easy as it seems. Together they discover how Jesus, The Good Shepherd cares for His sheep."


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