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Jesus Calls the Disciples (and You)

Lesson Set Summary

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Much of what we do in church and Sunday School is to WTLogoJesusCallsprepare our students for those many moments when Jesus will make himself known to them in a personal life-changing way. This is one of the reasons we spend four or five weeks in a row in the Rotation Model on a story like Jesus Calls the Disciples --to prepare our kids to expect Jesus' call.


Luke 5:1-11  The story of Jesus calling Peter, James and John to follow him and become fishers of men!

Rotation Objectives for Jesus Calls the Disciples (and You)

  • Locate the story in the New Testament.
  • Retell the story in their own words.
  • Know what a "disciple" is and ways Jesus calls us.
  • Feel called to follow Jesus.
  • Consider what in your life or attitude you need to put aside in order to follow.
  • Understand that Sunday School is training camp for disciples.


Bible Background for Teachers 

A "must read" review of the Bible Story, Key/Memory Verse, and explains the learning behind our objectives for this lesson set. Includes commentary on the scriptures for Sunday School teachers.

Explains that a disciple is both a fish and fisherman.

Workshops in this Lesson Set

Art Workshop

How can others tell that you are a follower of Jesus? Why would you want others to know you are a Christian? In this lesson, your students will learn how symbols or "Logos" are often used to identify ideas and loyalties, and then create their own Disciple Logo T-Shirt as a reminder and sign of who they follow. Great instructions and a printable LOGO activity and examples.

Bible Skills & Games

Students will study and play several games we've created that use a free set of printable "Disciples Trading Cards," which they can then take home. The cards have information about each disciple and scripture that they will look up, and the focus is on how different they were, and the gifts they brought. They include Mary Magdalene who is considered by most scholars to be one of Jesus' most faithful disciples. Influential during his life and after his resurrection, we hope you will include her. This lesson in the "Jesus Calls the Disciples" set focuses on learning about all 12 of the original Disciples as its "Bible Skill."

 The Trading Cards printout is attached to the complete Bible Games lesson, and they can also be printed freely and separately by the public here.

Computer Workshop

Students will vote and discuss their own "discipleship status," view Lesson #16 in the Life of Christ CD and explore that lesson’s question, “are you just interested in Jesus or are you following him?” using the computer’s ability to speak out loud. See the alternate suggestion in the lesson plan for those who don't own a copy of the Life of Christ software.

Cooking Workshop

Pizza fish, pizza nets and pizza boats! ...and a great life application ending. 

Pop-up Drama or Puppet Workshop

Students create a live "Pop Up Book" (interactive) drama of the story and also perform a second telling of the pop-up story titled, "Call of the Sunday School Students." Lots of instructions, creative presentation ideas, and age adaptations.

Drama Workshop

Students participate in a "Director's Walk Through" drama of Luke 5:1-11, and then create and record "voicemails" from Jesus to his disciples —i.e. Jesus "calls" the disciples.  They'll also perform "disciple text messages" —all to help them think about how disciples of Jesus can better follow him today.

Video Workshop

The students enjoy a clip from the Jesus film and explore the connection between the words "disciple" and "discipline." 

Video & Music !! Workshop

Students watch two short video clips, then rework and sing the lyrics from the second video clip --which is a special surprise song that ALL your kids know, and you will be amazed how closely it parallels a disciple's desire for "something more." The first clip comes from "Son of God," and we rework the second one using a fun and clever “mad-lib” we’ve created for this lesson. Your students will perform it and never be able to hear this song the same way again. 


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I love all of these ideas!  I'm actually going to add a Science lesson into our rotation this month - it's all about dealing with magnets.  Planning on tying magnets into how we are to "fish for people" and how Jesus's love attracts others, etc.  I don't know that it's "worthy" for submission to your site, but I found a bunch of fun experiments to do with magnets.

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