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Luke's chapter 17 story of Jesus healing the ten lepers --but only one returning to give thanks, is a wonderful sign to us of God's unconditional grace, and the grateful response we should give in return. It's also a story about those who are judged and excluded based on the world's assumptions about their worthiness. Supporting Members can view the creative lesson plans. Everyone can view the lesson summaries and Bible Background.

As always, our Writing Team Lesson Summaries and Bible Backgrounds are open to guests and Registered (free) members. A Supporting Membership is required to access the Team's lesson plans. Your searching is over: Writing Team lessons are just what you need, and so reasonably priced!

Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers

Luke 17:11-19

A Lesson Set from the Writing Team

Lesson Plan Summaries

TenLepersLogoBible Background and Lesson Objectives

The background explores both the simple and the deeper meanings of this healing miracle. It includes special insights into the "healing" words found in the story, and describes both the biblical and cultural understanding about leprosy that Jesus' story is set against. It also explains the theological concept of "Grace" which Jesus demonstrates in healing the ten.

Leprosy Mission - Art Workshop

Leprosy still affects the lives of over 600,000 people across the world. In this unique Art Workshop, students will participate in a Mission project that provides direct and tangible relief to lepers.

Cooking Workshop

The "take 'n bake" project in this lesson plan provides a tasty home-challenge for students and their family members to "commit acts of gratitude."

"Chain Breaker" Drama Workshop (with Music)

Using a handout to study the story and come up with actions, students dramatize a special video version of "Chain Breaker," the popular Christian contemporary and worship song. This Drama Workshop lesson plan features a fun new technique for dramatizing that frees the students from reading scripts. The technique also requires a minimal amount of staging or setup. 

Writing Arts or Computer Workshop

This lesson plan contains a terrific handout on the meaning behind many of the important words found in the story of the Ten Lepers. Those words and the guided discussion about them, are turned into a "Word Cloud" project. Classes may either create the "cloud" as an art project, or use a wonderful online tool for creating word clouds. 

Video Workshop (with Music)

Student's view and discuss a "short" animated film of the Bible story. Following a discussion about the concept of "Grace" and "Gratitude" -which Jesus and the Leper exemplified, students reflect on a very special musical version of that same animated Bible story specifically created for this lesson by the Writing Team! It is set to Chris Tomlin's unique and super-popular version of Amazing Grace (My Chains are Broken).  An optional "Chains and Key" demonstration is included for further reflection on how Jesus sets us free, and our response is gratitude. 

Notes about these lessons

Traditional Sunday Schools may have a hard time choosing just one of these lessons, as each one in the set has been written to explore a different nuance from the story. As Rotation Modelers believe, the story is just too important to only teach once or in one way. That said, all the lessons emphasize the story's teachings about Grace (God's gift) and Gratitude (our response).

Adaptations for Younger Children have been added to all of the lesson plans. If you are a teacher of younger children looking for only ONE lesson about the Ten Lepers, let us suggest either the Art, Cooking, or Video workshops.

The Writing "or" Computer Workshop is a great example of how one great teaching technique can be translated into another medium so that non-computer-workshop Sunday Schools can use it. 

Several workshop use FREE videos found on YouTube. Those lessons have links to our "media how-to" articles here at --how to view a video in your classroom (even if your classroom doesn't have WIFI), and various ways to connect your iPhone, Tablet or laptop to a projector or TV to show the videos. is a commitment not only to the future faithful, but the future of media delivery into our classrooms. And the future is now.

We love music in the Rotation Model! Two lessons in this set feature popular songs from Christian artists that have quality lyrics and awesome tunes that will appeal to a wide range of listening tastes. 



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