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This set was completely revised and improved in 2016. Writing Team

Peter Sinks, Jesus Saves!

The story of Jesus walking on the water

Summary of the Lesson Set


Matthew 14:22-33

Memory Verses:

"Take courage! It is I! Don’t be afraid!"  Matthew 14:27
"Lord save me!" Matthew 14:30
"“You of little faith, why did you doubt?” Matthew 14:31

Lesson Summaries & Resources

Lesson Objectives and Bible Background

This Bible background makes some surprising conclusions about the story that you won't want to miss. It includes plenty of insights for teachers to share with their students.

Art Workshop

Student create a special "3-D" drawing of Jesus rescuing Peter. Includes an instructional video.

Bible Skills & Games Workshop

Students learn the story through a creative game titled, "O Ye of Little Float." Then they reflect on the story's life application by playing a series of special rules "tag" games.

"Boat and Butter" Food Workshop

This tasty Cooking Workshop involves no cooking!  Rather, students produce butter to share through a series of guided activities designed to help "spread" the point of the story.

Computer (or Writing) Workshopgrabbed

Students use Life of Christ CD to learn the story, then learn Psalm 46 "God is my refuge and my strength, ...though its waters roar and foam," as an expression of the confidence we have in our Savior.  Can also be used as a writing workshop.

Drama (with music) Workshop

Students view, then recreate and videotape a skit set to a compelling contemporary Christian song about Christ's call out onto the waters.

"Science" Workshop

In this "attractive" lesson, each student will create their own electromagnet, and then be led through a series of demonstrations that reflect key ideas and create teachable moments.

Video Workshopwater

We found two terrific video clips for this story that aren't cheesy or trite. The lesson plan shows you previews of the video clips and has great discussion questions.

boatpoolWater Workshop

A "hands-in" workshop you won't want to miss. Includes special instructions for making paper boats that don't get water logged, and sharing points as students examine what makes them (and Peter) afraid.

Additional Lesson Resources

A list with links to extra art, study, videos, and misc lesson ideas for the story.

See workshop lessons for photo copyrights.


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