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"Psalm 8: When I look at your heavens"

A Lesson Set from the Writing Team

Lesson Plan Summaries

Psalm8-SetLogoBible Background and Lesson Objectives

 Not to be missed!  
Our Bible Background let's you in on "The Secret of Psalm 8."  The Hebrew word studies on the words "majesty," "crowned," "glory" and "a little lower than...."  unlock the powerful visual perspective your students will be reminded of each time they "look up" at the nighttime sky.

Starry Night Art Workshop

Using a Crayon Resist and Watercolor technique, students will create their own "Psalm 8 Starry Night" based on Van Gogh's famous painting, "The Starry Night" -using techniques and images that come straight from our understanding of the Psalmist's nighttime sky. This lesson plan features a very helpful instructional video.

"...what are human beings that you are mindful of them, 
mortals that you care for them?"  

(Psalm 8:4)

Bible Skills and Games Workshop

Students play two fun Psalm 8 memory games. As part of their "Bible Skill" in this workshop, they'll also create their own "My Psalm 8 Translation" using a special handout and copies of Strong's Concordance, the famous Bible study resource.

Heavenly Cookie Workshop

This super-easy "cosmic cookie" lesson comes with an instructional video!  It focuses on key words in the Psalm, and their meaning, and reminds students in a special way that we are crowned with glory to care for others. 

"Look Up!" Drama Workshop

This workshop features three unique drama options to choose from:  

  1. A Blacklight Theater presentation of Psalm 8 (simplified)
  2. A Reader's Theater presentation
  3. A Shadow Puppets or People presentation

In each, your student will complete and present a very special Psalm 8 script.

Memory (or) Computer Workshop

Psalm 8 is easy to memorize, and powerful to have in memory!  This lesson features memory games and options to use Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game software to help in that memorization. This software is FREE to supporting members. Learn more!

Music  & Video Workshop

This Video Workshop presents and discusses two free music videos by contemporary artists, Train, and Third Day. "When I look to the sky, something tells me you're here with me."


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