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Purim: The Story of Esther

Lesson Set Summary

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purim-logo1 The lessons in this set have been inspired by the Jewish Festival of Purim -which joyfully and often humorously celebrates the story of Esther, stepping up in faith and defeating evil. Purim is traditionally celebrated in the Winter just before the season of Passover (meaning, it often occurs around the same time as the beginning of Lent). Google "Purim Date" to see when it is being celebrated. For more Purim info, read Esther's Bible Background.

Most lessons have additional Purim and Esther background notes within them. A couple of the lessons use short online videos to help tell the story. They have instructions for how to download them and show them in a class that doesn't have an internet connection.

Lesson Objectives for the Rotation

Students will:

  • Learn the basic story of Esther.
  • Learn what Purim is about, why and how we celebrate it.
  • Identify things that need changes or confronted (in the world and within themselves) and ask God for courage and help.
  • Remember the verse: “Who knows? Perhaps you have come to royal dignity for just such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14b)  as a personal call to do what is right, especially when it means protecting others.



Bible Background for your teachers  -
  Esther Bible Background

Additional resources -  Purim & Esther Resource Page and Puppet Script

Summary of Workshops

Art Workshop (Song, Masks, Photo-shoot)

Inspired by the "Raise Your Mask" music video created by the students of Ein Prat in Israel, your students will then create masks of a different sort, and do a "photo-shoot" with them (which is the real art project) as a way of examining the masks we hide behind, and God's call to step out and be "brave in all the right ways."

Purim Carnival Booth Workshop (Bible Skills & Games)  (1)

Students will learn and dig into the Esther story using a Purim Carnival set of activities.

Purim Games Workshop (Bible Skills & Games) (2)

We've created a second Bible Skills and Games Workshop!  This one focuses a little more on remembering the story and learning a little more about its background and place in the Bible.

Computer Workshop

Students see and interact with Esther's Story as presented in the Awesome Bible Stories software.  In addition to onscreen study notes, and a "Boo! Haman!" button, your kids will also take a reinforcing quiz and play an onscreen game. This software is FREE to supporting members of!

Cooking WorkshopCooking-Hamantasch-FUMC-Ann

Your chefs will create two traditional Purim foods, one to eat, one to share. They'll also enjoy a short music video clip reflection while tasting their creations.

Purim "Sphiel" Drama Workshop

Using the time-honored Purim tradition of retelling Esther's story as a comedy ("sphiel"), students will re-enact the story with gusto!  This workshop's script requires only fun acting, and no reading by the students.

Music/Worship/Drama Workshopdosomething

This special workshop features the wonderful music video of Matthew West's song, "Do Something," and instructions for how to make your own version of the video as a live performance in a worship setting or for classroom viewing. 

Video Workshop

Students will view and discuss a wonderful new video that tells and digs into the Esther story.


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