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Renewal, Rally, Kickoff, Recommitment to Sunday School

It's here! In celebration of's upcoming 25th Birthday, our team has put together a special forum of resources and lessons dedicated to the theme of Renewal, Rally, and Recommitment to Sunday School. Post your great "rally & renewal" ideas too. Let's Go!

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Ten Great Reasons to Teach Sunday School

It's a fun way to get people thinking about "saying yes."
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Updated Teacher Recruiting and Training Tips and Resources

Fun Recruiting Graphic. Copy and Use!

New from our Writing Team:
Lost Sheep, Lost Coin Sunday School Lessons

Parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin

  • Luke 15
    Seven fresh and wonderfully creative lessons about two of Jesus' most important parables. Supporting Members can copy or download, and adapt the lessons as they wish. Everyone can read the lesson summaries and Bible background.

    All Writing Team lesson plans are broadly graded and include adaptations for younger and older students, shorter and longer classes. The Team's lessons are in addition to our hundreds of publicly available lesson ideas and plans. Learn more about the Team and see a complete list of all their lessons!

More from our Writing Team:

The Story of Creation

  • Genesis 1:1 - 2:3
    Six creative lessons that focus on the joyful and creative character of God revealed in the story, and what it means to be made by God in his joyful and creative character (image). Lessons include a creative art project, a cool special effects-assisted song, use of the book "When God Made the World," and games, a glowing "science" lesson, and free Creation story software.

Adam, Eve, ...and God! God looking for Adam and Eve

  • Genesis 2:4 – 3:24
    This creative set takes a unique look at this story, "beyond the snake and apple" so to speak, and looks at what it reveals about the character of God when confronted with sinful children. The lessons also remind us that God goes with us into difficult lives, and promises us a new paradise one day with him.

Free Bible story software for children

We are the new home of Sunday Software's interactive Bible programs for kids!

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about these free downloadable Bible software programs. Become a Supporting Member and start downloading, teaching with, and sharing them today.

About the Rotation Model and Organization of Our Site

The lesson content in each of our Bible Story Lesson Forums is organized by creative teaching mediums such as art, video, and cooking. In the Rotation Model we teach a major story for several weeks in a row --each week using a different "workshop" (teaching medium). if you're using a traditional "new story each week" model, browse all the workshops for your story and pick one that fits your needs. View a short video about the Model.

See a short video about the Workshop Rotation Model

Print a one page PDF about the Model
Learn more about the Model

Here's an example of a Workshop Rotation-style schedule for 2 broadly graded groups. View the presentations for more scheduling and scaling examples.

rotation model schedule

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