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Download the Vallotton Lent and Holy Week Illustrations

Illustration of Jesus washing Peter's is the official home of over 140 Gospel and Acts story illustrations by Annie Vallotton, the Swiss artist whose illustrations grace the pages of the Good News Bible.

Supporting Members can download the full resolution images for congregational use, plus variations of each image. Visitors and free Registered Members can download smaller resolution b&w versions. Come see the collection!

We believe in offering you MANY creative choices to teach a Bible story, not just one. We welcome member-created content and also recruit creative volunteers to help us write innovative lessons for both Rotation Model and traditionally organized Sunday Schools.

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Creative Rotation-style Sunday School lessons for kids! In addition to all our public lesson forums, a volunteer group of creative Children's Educators and pastors works with our Lead Writers to produce extra-creative, broadly-graded Sunday School lessons for Rotation-style and traditionally organized programs. We call them "The Writing Team." Come See the Writing Team's Lesson Menu! and learn more about their work.
Coming Soon: 7 Creative Lessons on The Story of Ruth

Registration is Open for our April 25th Zoom Coffee Chat

If you missed our "Designing Your Own VBS" Zoom seminar, go to our VBS forum for ideas and resources. Supporting Members can also view the seminar video.

24 free downloadable Bible software programs for kids!

Go to our Bible software forum for software descriptions, lesson plans, teaching guides, download links, and tech help. We also have a growing list of good Bible apps, many of which are freely available to all. The 24 downloadable programs from Sunday Software are free to Supporting Members.

About the Rotation Model and Organization of Our Site

The lessons and ideas in our Bible Story Lesson Forums are organized by creative teaching mediums and classrooms such as art, video, drama, and cooking (which we call "workshops" for fun). Kids learn the same Bible story for several weeks in a row using different media and teachers each week. If you're using a traditional "new story each week" model, browse all the workshops for your story and pick one that fits your needs.

Here's a short video about the Rotation Model...

See more short videos about the Workshop Rotation Model

Here's an example of a Workshop Rotation-style schedule for 2 broadly graded groups. View the presentations for more scheduling and scaling examples.

rotation model schedule

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