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Take a peek at this free downloadable Advent resource video we created to help families and small groups celebrate the birth of Jesus at home and church.

You are welcome to post the video to your church's website or Facebook page, email a link to the video's resource page, DOWNLOAD and show the video clip, or simply recommend some of the hand-picked resources featured in the video.  To download it, open the video and press Ctrl-S (or Command S on a Mac) to save it to your computer.

Go to the webpage that holds all the resources featured in the video

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to 20 Favorite Advent and Christmas Lessons, Ideas, and Resources selected by our Treasure Hunters Beth T, Robin S, Cathy W, Luanne P, and Neil M -- and discussed in our recent community Zoom Chat.

Go to our Writing Team's Creative Lesson Sets

The Team's creative lesson sets on major Bible stories utilize Art, Drama, Bible Games, Software, Cooking, Video, Music and more to teach God's Word in exciting and memorable ways. Broadly-graded, with adaptations for younger, smaller, and shorter classes. The Bible Backgrounds and Lesson Summaries are open to all. The Team's lessons are in addition to all our public lesson content.

Free Bible software for kids at, Noah, Ruth, Samson, David, Daniel, Jonah, PaulSupporting Members can now download 24 kids Bible software titles for free at!

We just added the six Kids Interactive Bible Series programs ~and the outlines and lesson plans to teach with them. Check them out!

Our software downloads are part of's commitment to offering many different teaching methods and forward thinking resources for teaching Bible stories to kids.

About the Rotation Model and Organization of Our Site

The lesson content in each of our Bible Story Lesson Forums is organized by creative teaching mediums such as art, video, and cooking. In the Rotation Model we teach a major story for several weeks in a row --each week using a different "workshop" (teaching medium). if you're using a traditional "new story each week" model, browse all the workshops for your story and pick one that fits your needs.

Here's a short video about the Rotation Model...

See more short videos about the Workshop Rotation Model

Here's an example of a Workshop Rotation-style schedule for 2 broadly graded groups. View the presentations for more scheduling and scaling examples.

rotation model schedule's 25th Birthday CelebrationThis past August was's 25th Birthday Celebration. Read our fascinating history, some interesting stats, and stories from long-time members.

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