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This forum is collecting Sunday School lesson resources and plans about the Parables of Jesus.  Sower, Prodigal Son, Good Samaritan, Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Mustard Seed, Leaven, Treasure, Pearl, Talents and Pounds, Wheat, Wise Builder, and more.

Seven creatively written, broadly graded lesson plans with adaptations for different grades, class sizes, and length. The Lesson Summaries and Bible Background are open to all. The lesson plans in this set are only open to Supporting Members. Sign up today. 

Most Recent Post (WT) Kingdom Parables - Lesson Objectives & Bible Background
Writing Team Lesson Set: Kingdom Parables ~ Seed, Leaven, Treasure, Pearl

Kingdom of God, Kingdom of Heaven lessons, Mustard Seed, Leaven, Pearl, Treasure.

Most Recent Post OTHER Lessons & Ideas ~ Kingdom Parables (Seed, Leaven, Pearl, Treasure)
Kingdom of God - Seed, Leaven, Pearl, Treasure

Seven wonderfully creative Sunday School lessons for two of the most important parables Jesus ever taught ~ The Parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin (Luke 15). The set includes a Bible Background for teachers and Lesson Summaries that everyone can read. Broadly graded with adaptations for different grades, class sizes, and lengths of class time.

Most Recent Post (WT) Parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin ~ "Cup" Memory Workshop
Writing Team:  Parables of the Lost Sheep and Lost Coin

From our Writing Team: Creative Sunday School lesson plans for children about the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10:25-37.  "Geo Logos" Art, Video (Newsroom!), Computer, Games, Mission, and a special Music-Movement-Memory Workshop lesson.

Most Recent Post (WT) Parable of the Good Samaritan: Lesson Summaries

Parable of the Great Banquet. Kingdom of God. Invite the poor..., etc.
Luke 14:16-24, Matthew 22:1-14. 

Most Recent Post RESOURCES and IDEAS for Teaching about the Great Banquet, Feast
The Great Banquet/Feast
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