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Most Recent Post King Saul Lesson Ideas
King Saul
Most Recent Post Hannah - Ideas , Lessons and Resources
Most Recent Post COMPUTER, BIBLE SKILLS & GAMES Workshop Lessons for Samuel
Most Recent Post David & Jonathan Lesson Ideas and Resources
David and Jonathan

This forum is for King David lesson ideas that do not fit into the "Anointing" or "David and Goliath" or "Jonathan" forums. Typically you'll find "David's Life" or whole story lesson ideas.

Most Recent Post Music - Popular Song adaptations of various David stories
Misc David Lesson Sets and Ideas

While lessons about the "other" Kings of Israel and Judah are usually not taught in the Rotation Model's scope and sequence, we've created this forum for the occasional lesson. Ahab is found in the Elijah forum.

Most Recent Post JOSIAH finds a Scroll lesson set
Kings of Judah/Israel, Northern/Southern Kingdoms
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Writing Team Lesson Set: Elijah Super Set!

Elijah and Prophets of Baal, Elijah and the Still Small Voice, 1 Kings 19

Most Recent Post Art Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Elijah, Prophets of Baal, Still Small Voice
Elijah, Prophets of Baal, Still Small Voice ~ 1 Kings 19

This forum includes the story of the Elijah, Elisha, the Mantle, and the Chariot of Fire.

Most Recent Post Bible Background - Elijah Passes His Mantle to Elisha by Jaymie Derden
Elijah and Elisha, The Mantle and Chariot of Fire ~ 2 Kings 2
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