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Lego Workshop - Man Let Down through the Roof

Kathy, loved your above idea to adapt the above Art/Diorama/Storytelling Workshop to incorporate Lego - building the house and then having the kids retell the story. You could also video tape each retelling with a camera or on your phone.DSC03201

Using the above lesson we opened with a retelling of the story using a wooden bible time house (pictured), which was built by someone in our church years ago, and for figures I used a "Paramedics with Soccer Player" (Playmobil item # 9826) which includes a stretcher, and Tales of Glory series figures.

Then the kids built their own Faith Through the Roof Scenes with Lego.

Our kids loved this workshop.

Lego Faith Through the Roof aLego Faith Through the Roof 4 MarleeLego Faith through the Roof bLego Faith Through the Roof fFaith Through the Roof dLego Faith through the Roof c

Where to purchase Lego Stretchers

You can purchase new or used "Lego Stretchers" (in white or green) from

I ordered several Lego Stretchers so all the kids would have one to use.

Through the Roof using Lego




Here is a picture of the stretcher, I set one up being carried by the four friends. 





Once on the here's how to find and order them:

  • In Search box enter -  4714 (this is the part number).
  • List will come up, look under Parts - click on the item #4714.
  • Scroll down to bottom of page where it says 25/page - change to 200/page (nothing will happen yet).
  • Scroll up to Sort-lowest price - and change to -Highest Qty.
    It will now list sellers with their stock on hand.
  • Scroll down until you find someone located near you (cheaper for shipping), with the Qty you need.
    Note: some sellers have a minimum buy $ amount, some none (all prices in U.S. funds).

They are inexpensive so buy several so each child (or group) can retell the story.


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