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Jesus after the Resurrection

Doubting Thomas (John 20), Road to Emmaus (Luke 24),
Breakfast on the Shore ~ Peter, Feed My Sheep (John 21)
Great Commission (Matthew 28), Ascension of Jesus (Acts 1), and more.

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A lesson set from the Writing Team featuring 8 creative workshop-style lesson plans covering John 21:1-17, the story of Peter and the disciples meeting the resurrected Jesus on the shore of Galilee. The set focuses on Peter's leap of faith off the boat to be with Jesus, and what it means to respond to Jesus' command to "feed my sheep."

Most Recent Post (WT) Peter, do you love me? - Drama Workshop
Writing Team Set:  Peter, do you love me?  (Feed my sheep!)

Sunday School lessons and ideas for teaching the story of Jesus appearing to two disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24).

Most Recent Post GAME and SCIENCE Workshop lessons and ideas for the Road to Emmaus
The Road to Emmaus

Lessons and ideas for teaching John 21:1-17, the story of the disciples having breakfast on the beach with the risen Christ, and Jesus telling Peter to, "feed my sheep."  Free Registration is required to view the content in these lesson forums.

Most Recent Post Ideas and Resources for teaching John 21:1-17, "Peter do you love me?"
Breakfast on the Beach and Peter, do you love me? Feed my sheep!

Lessons and Ideas for teaching the stories of the Great Commission (Matthew 28) and Jesus' Ascension (Acts 1). Free Registration is required to view the content in these particular lesson forums.

Most Recent Post MISC Ideas and Resources for Jesus' Ascension -- not complete lesson plans
The Great Commission, The Ascension of Jesus ~ Lessons and Teaching Ideas

Six creative lessons from our Writing Team about Jesus' Great Commission (Matthew 28) and Ascension (Acts 1).  Everyone can view the Lesson Summaries and Bible Background. The lesson plans are open to Supporting Members only.

Most Recent Post How to PRINT, COPY, or "SAVE AS PDF" any or all of these lessons, pages, and posts
Writing Team Lesson Set:  Great Commission and Ascension of Jesus
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