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Reply to "ART Workshop Lessons & Ideas about Peter and Cornelius, Peter's Rooftop Vision"

Peter's Rooftop Vision

Art / Drama Idea

Years ago -- way back before I'd ever heard of rotation model, I did a project with first graders.

After hearing the story of Peter's vision, we recreated the vision. Using a large white sheet, we used fabric markers to draw and color all the animals. (Regular markers would work if you don't plan to launder it -- depending on age, you could even use blue spray paint or sponges to create a cloud-like effect).

When done, we re-enacted the story with several of the kids holding onto the sheet and having it descend on "Peter." As I recall we even filled the sheet with stuffed animals!

When we were done, we hung the sheet from the ceiling.

We wrote our memory verse on large pieces of paper and put it on the ceiling, too, going around the edges of the sheet.

Have fun!


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