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A Bible Games Idea



(Editor's Note:  What a great idea! The setup requires some time, but that's exactly what you get in the Rotation Model because you'll re-use these Job-opoly game boards for several classes. You may want to reduce the number of squares to land on, and add some properties, such as, "Natural Disaster," "War," "Death in the Family," and "Serious Health Problem," plus, "Win the Lottery" and "Inherit a Million Dollars" -so that the game's EXTREMES serve to focus on Job's meaning....why do good thing happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people.)

Read: The Story
Practice: The Memory Verse

Play the game “Job-opoly”

Make Game boards similar to Monopoly (enough boards so no more than 3-4 kids play on one board)


  • Our boards are 24” by 24” with 3” x 2” sections. 
  • The corners are 3” x 3”. 
  • Each section has a picture in it to represent those things Job had and lost (children, servants, animals, land, money).
  • The four corner squares say “Draw” and “Double”. 
  • The middle section on each side says, “Job says”. 
  • The beginning square says “The Journey”.

1 set of cards for “Job says” 
1 set of cards for “Suffer”
1 set of cards for “Acquire”

Objects to match the pictures on the game board to represent all that Job had and lost. (These are placed in small bowls in the center of the board.)


  • Children – small smiley faces (Hobby Lobby)
  • Servants – wooden round head clothespins (Hobby Lobby)
  • Land – plastic greenery cut into tree shapes (Hobby Lobby)
  • Animals – small vinyl/plastic animals (Wal-Mart)
  • Gold Coins – Gold coins (Paper Factory)
  • Playing pieces – one for each person. Ours are wooden “people” (found at Hobby Lobby and painted very simply to look like people).
  • Die with numbers 1-6


  • Each person has a playing piece.
  • Each player will go around the board 3 times.
  • Take turns rolling the die and move that many spaces.
  • The first time around the players are “acquiring.” So, each time a player lands on a section the player takes an object to represent the picture on the section. (Example: The player lands on a gold coin section and takes a gold coin.)
  • If the player lands on “Job says”, a card is drawn. If what Job says is positive that player may take one additional object of their choice. If what Job says is negative the player must return one object of their choice.
  • If the player lands on a corner square a card is drawn. The first and third times around the board, the player draws an “Acquire” card, reads it and doubles what the card says. The second time around the player must draw a “Suffer” card, read it and double what the card says.
  • The second time around the players are “suffering”. So, each time a player lands on a section the player must return an object to represent the picture on the section. If the player does not have any of that object left he/she may return another object of choice.
  • The third time around the players are again “acquiring” and taking the represented objects.
  • As soon as the player has passed the “The Journey” square for the third time that player is done with the game. The remaining players should continue taking turns until all have passed for the third time.
  • Each player adds up the total number of objects they have left. The player with the most total objects is the winner.

Created by Linda Norem, with inspiration from the game “Monopoly.”


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