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Reply to "Making Jonah's Whale"

Young ones love to connect to the Bible Ideas. In a preview session we let them chat about what they think.  Ideas added by them included:  what Jonah experienced in the belly. We included a bag filled with cooked noodles, slime, and smelly fish which they handled with plastic gloves to let them experience that mess Jonah got into!  ...God still loving him through the yuck!

A vine plant, fan for wind, and plastic fishing worms were also suggested. Despite all the glitches in Jonah's relationship with God, God still was there through it all the way to love Jonah and save Nineveh.  

Students will construct the Great Fish with a Jonah figure. Props to be included as object lessons - details to be worked out!


  • What do you know about Ninevah?  Why would God be interested in this city?
  • Why did Jonah a prophet not feel God could/would enable not  him to reach Ninevah? 
  • Who was at the root of his fear, doubt, disappointment?
  • How sure was Jonah that the storm was from God and why?
  • Who was being save besides the people of Ninevah?
  • What does being vomited up mean to you in your life today?
  • What is inside of you that comes up and out and is putrid?
  • How did the sailors know it was safer to trust God?

Their ideas could go on forever!!!!  So will work on the implementation and heighten their ideas with more activity.

Am wanting to see what they feel is THE MOST important concept learned from this Bible account!  What we see as obvious may not be for them at their age.

This lesson is on them so they need to be ready for additional guests coming!  Thanks for your informative post on your work through this Scripture!  Will share your thoughts.

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