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Clive and Ian's Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge (DVD series)

DVD Series

In the summer time, our church continues Sunday school however to mix things up, we do something a little bit different. We put all of the kids together and show movies. Last year we used What's in the Bible?  This year we are using Clive and Ian's Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge Curriculum from Phil Vischer (who created the What's in the Bible? DVD series and Veggie Tales).


Clive & Ian in the Wonder-Blimp

This DVD comes with 16 short -- approximately 5-7 minute -- videos on questions kids ask about God. Both Questions about God, (for example: Is God as powerful as a superhero?)  and questions about our relationship with God. Our friends Clive and Ian fly their Wonder-Blimp in search of answers! 

Included in this curriculum are lessons around each week's video. Being that sometimes I don't like what I buy, I needed to write a lesson for the week in which the question was: How do we show respect to God by listening?  

That lesson is included below. (No part of this lesson contains any copyright material.) 

Also, visit my blog where I provide take-it-home materials for parents to continue the discussion with their kids. (Conflict of Interest Disclosure: None, Carol does not make any money from her blog. Any ads you may see are placed by Wordpress.) 

-- Carol

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