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The Man Let Down Through the Roof

Computer Workshop Lesson Plan


Mark 2:1-12


Faith Through the Roof from Sunday Software 
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The program can be installed in a "lab" or on a teacher's computer for display on a larger screen, or shared with church members for in-home use.


Comments on the Importance of the Story

Mark places this story at the very beginning of Jesus' ministry, and it doesn't take long to figure out WHY.

The story reveals four important things:

  • Jesus is the great teacher
  • Jesus has compassion for others
  • Jesus has healing power
  • And most importantly: Jesus really is the Son of God

As if we needed more reasons to love this story:

  • The man believed in Jesus before he was healed.
  • And his friends went out of their way to help the man see to Jesus. ==> Sounds like ministry to me.

In summary, The Man Let Down Through the Roof may be the most complete and important miracle story in the Gospels.

It's also one of the FEW miracle stories repeated in detail in all three synoptic GOSPELS, and is very similar to John 5, another paralytic with a mat.

And then there is the image of the FRIENDS HACKING THROUGH THE ROOF.
...the mixture of sticks and mud falling down into the gathered dignitaries.
...Jesus looking up in astonishment as the man was lowered down on ROPES. Think of that, ON ROPES! This is no lonesome sick guy sitting by the road.

Now you know why I devoted an entire software program's budget to this ONE story. It deserved it. (Or rather, I owed it to the story.)

I chose Mark 2's version of this important story for two reasons:

1) Mark has the most story detail to work with.
2) The story takes place in Capernaum, --> Peter's House, and Jesus' early base of operations. The hole was cut in Peter's roof. Wonder what his mom thought?

Supplies List:

Leader Preparation:

  • Install and preview the software.
  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Print the Game Guide and extra copies of the Student guide (on the last page of the game guide)

Lesson Plan


The software is the second part of your Lesson Plan. Here's the first:

1. Begin your lesson by asking the kids how much they know of the story.

2. Look it up in Mark 2, and for older children, have them compare it to Matthew and Luke's versions. The point is to create familiarity!

3. Tell your students that the story reveals four important things about Jesus (and list them where they can see them):

  • Jesus is the great teacher
  • Jesus has compassion for others
  • Jesus has healing power
  • Jesus really is the Son of God

Share that the word for "miracle" used in the Gospels is the Greek word for "SIGN" (message).  Ask students for examples of "signs" and what message they are trying to tell us.

Jesus performs miracles to give the people signs/messages about WHO HE IS.  Let those with eyes truly see!

Tell them that AFTER they have played the software game you'll be asking them to give examples from the story for each of those four points.

The FOURTH POINT bears special attention, especially for your older children. How do we really know Jesus is the Son of God? Jesus claims the authority to forgive sins, and only God is allowed to do that. Right here in the beginning of Mark, we see an answer to atheists and critics. Jesus himself sends the signal. The crowd may say "who is this man?" But Jesus has already told them.

Regarding the Divinity of Christ, this is the way I put it to youth:

Jesus told us who he was, and showed us who he was.
So the question isn't just "who is Jesus?"
The question is "who are YOU" know that you know Jesus is the Son of God come to save and forgive?


Faith Through the Roof (from Sunday Software) plays like an adventure game. Your students hop a boat with Peter who's on his way back home to Capernaum. Peter talks to your student here and at other times during the game.

Once in the village, your students are approached by one of the man's friends to help him find and carry the stretcher. Stand outside the window and you can hear Jesus teaching. Climb the roof and you can hack a hole in the roof and lower the man down through it.

See Jesus heal him, then jump down through the hole to hear Jesus deliver your students a personal message. Then go back to the boat. Meet the man's friend once more to hear about how his life is changed. Now go fishing out on the lake for answers to a five question quiz and discussion starter. Copies of the quiz panels are found in the Game Guide.


Stop at the end of the quiz in the software until everyone has caught up, then invite everyone to gather TOGETHER to watch and listen to the sea-themed music video "We'll Follow the Son."  Discuss the meaning of the song. What did the song say the followers of Jesus should be doing?  

Option: Look at the supplemental graphic found in the Guide which has life application reflection questions printed on it.

Other Software:

  • Life of Christ CD ... this very popular 'broad spectrum' bunch of presentations on the life of Christ has "man down through the roof" in about a 6 minute slideshow, followed by a six question quiz. For years, this was the software we all used to show the story, but next to Faith Through the Roof it doesn't compare on this story. Note: Discovery Interactive’s "Life of Christ" CD has gone out of print (its material has been turned into an online course). Learn more here!
  • Kid Pix 4 or the newer "3D" version? Write it up and illustrate it in Kid Pix 4... the program I call "powerpoint for kids."
    • Kid Pix 4’s creative writing and drawing tools let your students create their own multimedia pictures and slideshows about any subject.
    • Kid Pix 4 can speak out-loud over the computer speakers whatever is typed on the screen using the text tool.
    • You can import graphics, including photographs, illustrate them and add captions.


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