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Man Let Down Through the Roof - Thoughts on "stretcher" games

And some ideas on how to make a stretcher game work.

"Stretcher relays" can miss the point of the story of the Man Let Down Through the Roof if that's all there is to the game. Sadly, many teachers seem content to merely THEME the game about the story, without having the activities within the game TEACH something about the story!

Please note that carrying kids on a stretcher can lead to injury. In its place, have kids sit in a blanket and be pulled by other kids. Make the kids in the blanket wear a BIKE HELMET. I've seen some nasty bumps by a blanket moved a little too quickly.

Stretcher Relay #1:
Navigate an obstacle course. Through discussion, clearly label the obstacles with names of "things which get in the way of us helping others", and "things which keep us from believing Jesus", and "problems we have that Jesus can help us with".  Do it as a race/relay, letting everyone have their fun, then return to each station for some talk. 

Stretcher Relay #2:
This time the blanket stretcher is over the student's head, and their friends are behind them verbally guiding them through the obstacles. Through discussion ahead of time, have the students label the obstacles with ideas, such as: "navigating through temptations",  "navigating through our busy schedules to get to church", "making Jesus important in your life", "finding time to pray for forgiveness", "forgiving others".   The point is that our FRIENDS can help bring us to Jesus. 

Stretcher Relay #3:

Have one student wear the blanket and a beard AS JESUS (yep, having some fun with this one!).  Have the "paralyzed" student following Jesus blindfolded. a couple of demonstrations or skits to illustrate key points in the lesson.

  • We want to find Jesus, but get the wrong directions to find him.
  • We come up to Jesus, but other people are trying to distract us away (label them greed, selfishness, doubt)
  • We claim to want to follow Jesus, but give up when it gets hard. (You can do these as SKITS too).   

The point of the Game Workshop is not to just TALK about these ideas, but to experience them through MOVEMENT, gaming, props, physical locations, etc.

<>< Neil

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