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Skit Books that include Overhead Transparency Background Scenes

julie burton - Posted

"Big Action Bible Skits: Old Testament", By: Christine Yount, Group Publishing, 1995, ISBN: 1559452587.
Description: has short dramas that are very easy to do, and has some discussion questions at the end. Comes with neat transparancies to add interesting background (using overhead projector) for the stories with directions for action and when to change the pictures. Much easier to put up a transparancy than painting murals!!

Julie Burton
Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery

Added: At last--drama for children that's both exciting and easy! Eight already-prepared overhead transparencies let you direct 10 favorite Old Testament Bible story skits. Just shine the overhead on the wall and presto: instant scenery!

Scripts included for
Adam & Eve
Moses - Wandering 40 Years
Joshua (Fall of Jericho)
David & Goliath

Transparencies included
Wooded Setting
Water (Stormy)
People (Crowd)
City (Village)
Pillars and Walls
Road (Road up close/green grass)

Big Action Bible Skits: New Testament, by Christine Yount, Group Publishing, 1998, ISBN: 0764420623.

Here are 12 delightful scripts of the New Testament storied complete with 8 colorful transparency backdrops. You get the instant Bible drama that's easy, fun and puts everyone in the spotlight with the flip of an overhead projector!

Scripts included for
The Birth of Jesus
John Baptises Jesus
Feeding 5000
Jairus' Daughter
Prodigal Son
Jesus Walks of Water
Peter's Denial
Empty Tomb
Philip and the Ethiopian
Paul Shipwrecked

Transparencies included
Road (Moutains & Road in distance) - more rocky
Water (Calm)
City (outside gates)
Desert / Beach

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