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At the end of every year we play bible baseball. this is how we play:

We use actual bases and set it up in a diamond.

I used a square of styrofoam and made a large dice

The teams are broken up into two teams. Kid's are allowed to discuss the questions between themselves.

It starts the director who is the "pitcher". Yes, I actually do stand on the "pitchers" mound and pitch the questions to the kid's.

A child spins the dice. If a child rolls a..

1 = first base question
2 = second base question
3 = third base question
4 = home run question
5 = Out
6 = Walk (no question needed!)

As the number of bases increases the questions get harder. All questions are based on upon what the children have learned throughout the year. This is a great opportunity for the kid's to refresh on what they forgot and brings all of the stories into review on the final day of Kids Club.

The kids do love this game! I have to admit I do too. Now, if they would just stop asking to use a real ball and bat!! Inc. is a volunteer-run, 100% member supported, 501(c)3 non-profit Sunday School lesson ministry. All content here is the copyrighted property of its listed author. You are welcome to borrow and adapt content here for non-commercial teaching purposes --as long as both the site and author is referenced. Posting here implies permission for others to use your content for non-commercial purposes. Inc reserves the right to manage, move, condense, delete, and otherwise improve all content posted to the site. Read our Terms of Service. Google Ad Note: Serving the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa, and more! is rated 5 stars on Google based on 55 reviews.