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Here's a list of Game techniques generated during several sessions of my workshop "There are Methods to this Madness." These are from CMA (Children's Ministries of America) in Chicago in March 2004, 2005, and 2006, and April 2007, and the Detroit NET WoRM events in May 2004 and in May 2006. They are straight from the newsprint sheets, unedited. (Exchange Volunteer removed duplicates.)

Balloon tap
Balloon toss
Beach ball – verse game
Bible Jeopardy
Bible Trivia
Bible Twister
Board games (including Life size board games)
Books of the Bible -- race to put in order

Buzzer Game

Card games
Computer games
Crossword -- enlarged

Destinations (Clues)
Dice (using dice to play a game)
Family Feud
Fear Factor/Survivor/Reality
Fish for memory verses

Hot/cold game -- mixed messages
Life size games including Chutes and Ladders, stations where they talk about different things, and a Candy Land type of layout (for example: trace Holy Week on it)

Make up new games
Map Game
Matching Game
Memory Game
Multiplying kindness
Musical chairs

Name that Tune
Obstacle course

Parachute games
Play with kids -- break the rules
Popcorn tag (for example: how the church spread)
Pop the balloon
Prayer Tag

Question & Answer
Quiz bowl
Relay races
Scavenger hunt
Scripture drill
Sequencing activities
Snowballs (Papers/Questions)
Steal the Bacon
Sword Drill

Tags (variations including Freeze tag)
Team building
Treasure Hunt
Trust games
TV Shows

Wallyball (Clues/Scripture)
Wheel of fortune
Wheel of Wisdom
Word in flow
Word puzzles

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