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COMPLETE LESSON SET: Jesus Calls Disciples - FUMC, Ann Arbor, MI

Here is a complete set of lessons for…

Jesus Calls Disciples

Lesson Set

Summary of all workshops in this Rotation:

Workshops for 4th-6th grade

  • ART: Make a set of flash cards to help learn the Apostle’s Creed. [Children will be learning about the Apostle’s Creed in Tabernacle Rock, our large group gathering time before workshops.]
  • NEWSROOM: Create a newscast of interviews of disciples who were called by Jesus.
  • STORYTELLING: Hear a variety of people talk about their stories of being “called” to follow Jesus.

Workshops for 1st- 3rd grade

  • COOKING: Make “fish-shaped pizza” to recall the significance of fishing in the calling of the disciples. Learn more about being a disciple today.
  • GAMES: Play a concentration-type matching game, which also includes story questions.
  • VIDEO: Watch the live-actor video The Visual Bible: Matthew

These next lessons we used when we did this Rotation back in 2002. Note: at the time we used different Bible references (Luke 5:1-11, Matthew 9:9, Luke 6:12-13).

  • GAMES (Old workshop) - which has lots of ideas, far too many to be played in one lesson: a giant board game, a tag game, a fishing game...
  • MUSIC/MOVEMENT: Use song, to learn the names of the disciples. Use music and movement to reinforce the story.
  • VIDEO (Old workshop): Uses the videos "Jesus Teaches and Calls Disciple"s from Children’s Hero’s of the Bible, # 8 Vision Video, 1986) and "Jesus" from the CBS mini-series, Trimark Pictures, 2000. (Note: the Children's Hero's of the Bible video is really time-worn and I wouldn't recommend it be used. I am leaving this lesson here in case it is your only option.)

Scripture References & Objectives:

  (for newer workshops listed at the top)


Matthew 4:18-22 (Call of Peter, Andrew, James & John - the fishermen), Matthew 9:9-13 (Call of Matthew – the tax collector) and Mark 3:13-19 (Jesus appoints his 12 apostles)

Key Verse:
“Come, follow me,” Jesus said. Matthew 4:19 (NIV)

Rotation Objectives—at the end of the Rotation, kids should be able to:

  • Name that the stories are found in the New Testament.
  • (For 4th grade and up) Locate one "calling" story in Matthew.
  • Re-tell the "calling" stories of the fishermen and tax collector in his/her own words.
  • Define the term “disciple.”
  • Recognize that Jesus selected 12 ordinary people – from a larger group of followers – to be his disciples. Jesus had many other “disciples” including women.
  • Examine why Jesus called disciples: to spend extra time with him, to receive special training, so they could go out and share the Good News of God’s love to others.
  • Identify ways we today are Jesus’ disciples.
  • Discuss what the disciples left behind to follow Jesus. Discover that even today the decision to follow Jesus can require difficult choices.

Might I suggest you also consult the Bible Background material written by the Writing Team, though it covers different scripture (Luke 5:1-11) It is an excellent resource and it is open for all to read.

A set of workshops written by folks from First United Methodist Church, Ann Arbor, MI

Copyright 2008 First United Methodist Church, Ann Arbor, MI.  Permission to copy materials granted for n,n-commercial use provided credit is given and all cited references remain with this material.

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