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Jesus Calls Disciples

Art Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Create a set of flash cards with the Apostles’ Creed to help students learn the Apostles’ Creed. Discuss Jesus’ calling of his disciples and how Jesus calls us today. [Note: 4th – 6th graders visited this workshop.]


For scripture and objectives - see above.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture for this lesson.
  • Read and reflect on the overview material provided for this lesson.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • Bibles, one purple Adventure Bible
  • Appropriate pages from Unit 6 of the Worship for Life materials (see below)
  • Poster board cut into pieces 3” x 3.5” (12 pieces per student)
  • Larger pieces of poster board to make a class room set (size to be determined) – 12 pieces
  • Markers, gel pens, colored pencils, crayons
  • Scissors, Glue sticks
  • Rubber bands or binder clips 

Before Start of Class:

  • Duplicate one set of 12 of The Apostles’ Creed symbols (pp. 101-102) from Unit 6 of the Worship for Life resource for each participant.
  • Use a copier to blow up one set of these symbols to make a classroom sized display.
  • Book mark a purple Adventure Bible to Matthew 9:9 and to Mark 3:13.


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction:
Greet your students warmly, welcoming them to the Art Workshop. Introduce yourself and any other adults.

[Note: The Shepherd will be taking care of attendance while you are starting your lesson.]

  • Ask: What do you think of the new Tabernacle Rock? 

Make sure that everyone knows about Tabernacle Rock. Tabernacle Rock is a gathering place, a chance to be with friends, to sing together, and to pray together, before attending workshops. It is also the new venue where Cool Disciples will learn about elements of worship.

  • Ask: What part of worship are we learning about in Tabernacle Rock? (Apostles’ Creed)

Say: Today we’ll be making something that will help you to learn the Apostles’ Creed. First let’s review our Bible story.

Dig- Main Content and Reflection:
Say: We are going to read about how Jesus invited disciples to follow him.

  • Ask: What is a disciple? 

Say: When we think of a “disciple” we automatically think that’s one of the twelve men who were called by Jesus to be his helpers. But in a more general sense, a disciple is a follower or a person who is learning from someone else.

  • Ask: Do you suppose that there were women who were disciples of Jesus? (yes)
  • Do you suppose that we can be disciples of Jesus?

Say: Yes! Jesus is asking us to be his disciples. Jesus is inviting us to help him take care of other people. Jesus needs us to tell others about the good news of God’s love.

  • Ask: Where in the Bible would we read about Jesus calling his disciples? (in NT)

Distribute Bibles. Have everyone find Matthew 4:18.
If this is a week early in the Rotation, read Matthew 4:18-22 together. Then turn to Matthew 9:9 and read this verse to the students.
Towards the end of the Rotation, ask the students if they can tell you the stories. Have them check their Bibles for accuracy.
Say: When we are done reading our Bible story we are going to say what is said in church after the scripture is read. Be ready to say “thanks be to God!”

Say: For the Word of God in scripture, for the Word of God among us, for the Word of God within us,
The class says: Thanks be to God!

[Then, in here there was copyright material from pages 98-99 in Unit 6 of the Worship for Life materials, about the Apostles’ Creed.]

Start the art project:
Say: We are going to make a set of flash cards to help us learn the Apostles’ Creed.

Distribute the two pages with the symbols and the words of the Apostles’ Creed. Distribute the cards and the art supplies.

Have the students color their symbols in any manner that they’d like, cut them apart and glue them onto the cards.

Encourage them to learn the Apostles’ Creed. Show them the take home sheet that they can return the bottom portion of when they can say the Apostles’ Creed. These returned portions will be displayed in a special way at Tabernacle Rock.

Also distribute the enlarged pictures to have them colored as well. They will be made into classroom copies of the Apostles’ Creed. Or arrange them on the easels in the correct order.

Discussion: (while the students are working)

  • Ask: We described a disciple as a follower or a person who is learning from someone else, but what is an apostle? 

Say: An apostle is one who is sent out as a special messenger to do a specific job. Let me read to you the passage from the Bible that tells us about Jesus selecting his apostles.

Read Mark 3:13-14.

  • Ask: Why do you suppose that Jesus needed apostles and disciples? 

Say: Jesus had a lot of work to do! He needed to heal people; he needed to tell people the good news about God’s love. He needed helpers! This passage, which I just read from the Gospel of Mark, includes the names of the 12 disciples that Jesus chose.

  • Ask: What are ways that we can help Jesus do his work in this world?

Some suggestions:

  • Bringing a friend to Sunday’s Cool.
  • Smiling at someone who looks sad.
  • Reading my Bible. (Because it helps if we know about Jesus and God so that we can tell others.)
  • Actively participating in Sunday’s Cool workshops.
  • Inviting a friend to Vacation Bible Camp.
  • Reading a story about Jesus to a younger child.
  • Eating lunch at school with someone you don’t know very well.
  • Helping make sandwiches for Love Thy Neighbor program.
  • Pick up trash around your neighborhood.
  • Bringing something for the F.I.S.H. program (currently Flood Bucket supplies).
  • Trying to learn a Bible verse.
  • Participating in the Family Mission trip to Appalachia. 

Say: Jesus asked his disciples to “Come, follow me.”

  • Ask: Does it seem like these men thought about Jesus’ request; did they say, “I’ll let you know?”

Say: No, they left their nets and their boats and their piles of tax money behind and got up and followed Jesus!

  • Ask: If you were someone who needed excellent students to be your disciples, would you choose the best of the best?

So the choices that Jesus made for his disciples, are they surprising to you?
Say: Jesus used ordinary people to do his work.

Say: The disciples immediately left everything to follow Jesus.

  • Ask: Do you suppose that they missed what they’d left behind to follow Jesus?
  • Do you suppose that they gained something by following Jesus?
  • If we follow Jesus what do we have to give up? (sleeping late on Sundays, time it takes to read the Bible instead of playing video games)
  • What can we gain by following Jesus? 

Say: By following Jesus we can gain having a close, loving relationship with Jesus.

Say: Let’s close with prayer. Ask for any prayer requests. Ask if anyone would like to lead the group in prayer. Be prepared to say a prayer yourself, working in prayer requests. Use the Lord’s Prayer as the ending. A suggestion: “Dear God, Be with all of us this next week. Help us to remember what we’ve learned about Jesus and his disciples. Help us to know that you are asking us to come, follow Jesus. Help us to respond by practicing saying the Apostles’ Creed. Help us to learn it so that we can say this is what I believe! (End with the Lord’s Prayer) Amen.”

Use the rubber bands or binder clips to put together each students set of cards. Encourage them to practice the Apostles’ Creed.

If you have extra time:
Ask two students to use their sets of cards to play a Concentration-Matching type of game.


  • Fournier, Jude Dennis and Phyllis Vos Wezeman. “Photography.” Worship for Life: Equipping Children to Grow in the Community of Faith. Unit 6: Creeds. Inver Grove Heights, MN: Logos Productions, 2008. 


Thoughts afterwards
This isn’t much of an “art” project so I am not happy about that. I had thought about making banners but it seemed too hard to do for so many words (in the Apostles’ Creed). Perhaps use a printer with special fabric that can print out copies of the Apostles’ Creed. Then fuse that piece of fabric to some banner material and then have the kids illustrate a portion of the Creed? It was just too much prep work for me to handle. Maybe next time.

A lesson written by Carol Hulbert for First United Methodist Church
Ann Arbor, MI

Copyright 2008 First United Methodist Church, Ann Arbor, MI. 
Permission to copy materials granted for non-commercial use provided credit is given and all cited references remain with this material 


If you use this material, even in a modified form, please include the following reference:
Hulbert, Carol. "Jesus Calls Disciples: Art Workshop ."Sept. 2008. Place URL where lesson found inside angle brackets<>.


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