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Late November Enews ~ A Sunday School Makeover Story

A Sunday School "Makeover" Story

Late November 2019 ~ Enews

In this season of Thanksgiving, I want to share the inspiring Sunday School "makeover" story of Goodwood Church of Christ in Baton Rouge. It's the story of five volunteer teachers making big changes and the fantastic response it has received from parents and kids. When I first heard their story, it inspired me because my own church is embarking on a Sunday School makeover, so I got in touch with JoHannah Stroud, one the leaders of Goodwood's makeover who's also a member of They are now five years into their makeover and going strong. Below are excerpts from our conversation. You can read her full story here with many more photos.   

Amy Crane
Amy Crane President and volunteer teacher at Faith Presbyterian Church in Covington, La.

A Sunday School "Makeover" Story

from JoHannah Stroud
Goodwood Church of Christ
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Like many churches, we were experiencing problems with dwindling attendance and recruiting teachers. Discouraged, we knew something had to change. but what?

That's when a group of us got together to brainstorm. I had seen online and found the Rotation Model very interesting. We had taught our VBS like this and I did not see why it wouldn’t work on Sundays. Here's a photo of the original five women who gathered at my house to discuss what I had found. They too were excited and we celebrated our new-found enthusiasm and vision with ice cream!! 

The church Elders were a little hesitant at first. I don’t think they fully understood the Rotation concept but I presented it as a program similar to VBS and they approved it. We laughed when one of our elders got up to announce before the entire church that he was confident in these new ideas because the teachers have "over 100 years of teaching experience combined!" Apart from feeling a bit "old" after that comment   — the five of us leading the change were "seasoned" teachers — we were ready to lead in this new direction.

One of our biggest needs was the "renovation" of our old rooms and boring hallways...

Classroom Hallway Renovation

Read the rest of the interview here. It has many amazing photos of their renovation and more to their story.  Be sure to check out their video of Jonah's whale here

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