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Reply to "Name tags"

We have moved to clip-on name tags.


I have tried the string ones and they either choke each other or swing it around and I am going to put them all on my main bulletin board.


We train them to get their own tags from ONE common board as they come upstairs.


The tags are clipped to sturdy ribbons we have hanging from the wall.


One big advantage to having them all in the same place is that a volunteer can take attendance by counting the nametags NOT TAKEN.  


It is the Shepherds job to collect the tags at the end of the class as they say goodbye to the children.


For guests, we will have clip on tags wiill be a sticky note for them to write their name and address on so we can send a thank you note to them after their visit.

Problem:  Kids walk out with these kinds of nametags. They get lost. So you have to make it someone's job to collect and re-hang the name tags at the end of the session. As it is part of the way we take attendance, this job feels more important than just hanging tags.


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