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Book Ideas for Psalm 23
Originally Posted by rhondab:
The Lord Is My Shepherd! : From Psalm 23, by Joel Anderson (Illustrator), Kristi Carter (Illustrator), Golden Books, 1999, ISBN: 0307251764. (Out of print)

Other books by poster that may work:

The Lord Is My Shepherd: Psalm 23 For Children, By: Christopher L. Webber & Preston McDaniels, Continuum, 2004, ISBN: 081921986X.
Description: The Psalms have been some of the most beloved devotional materials for countless generations. But the most treasured all is the 23rd Psalm. Now Christopher L. Webber retells Psalm 23 to capture the hearts and minds of little ones today. Illustrated by acclaimed artist Preston McDaniels, these vibrant illustrations express the exuberance and joy of living in a world filled with the beauty of God's presence. Ages 3-7.
Dimensions: 10.0 X 7.0

The Lord is My Shepherd, By: Anne Wilson, Illustator, Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2003, ISBN: 0802852505.
Description: The words of Psalm Twenty-Three have long comforted and reassured people of all ages. This imaginative, new presentation of the psalm pairs its timeless words with vibrant, contemporary illustrations that reinforce and aid our understanding of the psalm's powerful message. This unique reminder of God's constant presence with us makes a thoughtful and inspiring book for both children and adults.
Dimensions: 9.5 X 11

My Favorite Verses: God Is My Shepherd and I'm His Lamb (Psalm 23)
By: Dandi Daley Mackall, Standard Publishing, 2005, ISBN: 0784715335.
Description: Introduce your child to some of the best-loved passages in the Bible. This engaging series features today's most popular new Bible version, the NLT. I'm His Lamb endearingly presents the message of Psalm 23, the shepherd's psalm, by using familiar childhood experiences. Recommended for ages 3 to 7. A learning to read picture book. Dimensions: 8 X 8


Originally Posted by Jan Napa:
We used a book called "Psalm 23" (of course!) which is illustrated by Tim Ladwig, Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1997, ISBN: 0802851630, Paperback.
I was able to borrow it from our local library. It has modern day pictures of kids in various situations which relate to the words of the psalm.
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