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Discussing the Return, Rebuild, and Renewing of Sunday School as we come out of the pandemic

This "Return, Renew in Fall 2021" topic is part of's larger
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Returning, Rebuilding, Renewing

Sunday School in 2021

For most of us, it's been a long season of closed classrooms, awkward Zoom meetings, and hoping families were using our online and at-home lesson activities during the COVID pandemic. And now as churches begin to fully reopen, many of us are nervously wondering what the short and long-term effects of "exile" will have on Sunday School attendance and volunteerism.

In an early 2021 survey of members, nearly half expected a drop in attendance, some more than 40%. Anecdotal evidence and the predictions of some church experts suggest it may take a year or years to get back to pre-pandemic attendance. Of course, we have always tried to boost attendance, but this year it is especially critical and will likely be more difficult.

How can we encourage families to return to Sunday school, worship, and midweek programs? --especially this fall when most programs traditionally "restart"?

What have you learned about your Sunday School ministry during the pandemic that you will carry forward?

These are important and personal questions for me because I'm a Sunday School teacher in my local church. I also think that all of us here at can support and care for each other through these challenging times.

In the following topic we are sharing experiences and plans.
Feel free to offer yours and ask questions.

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