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Scripture Memory Games

Suggestions for Scripture Memory Games

Add your scripture memory idea to this topic by using the "Post Reply" button below.

If your suggestion is for a specific story, you can also post it in that Bible story's Game  Workshop topic.

You can find story-specific ideas for games, including some memory verse games, listed BY BIBLE STORY. Just go into the Lesson Forums to look up your story, and when you get into that story's forum, look up the Bible Skills and Games Workshop topic.

A Note from the Writing Team

When we write our lesson plans for's supporting members, we often include a quick way to remember the verses or key verse as part of the scripture reading section of the lesson plan.

Usually, we don't spend a great deal of time on it because "memorizing" isn't as important as understanding and applying that understanding to your life, and because in the Rotation Model, regular attenders will be learning the same passage for several weeks in a row. (So if you really like scripture memory, you should be Rotating!)

Where we DO spend extra time on memorizing (always in a fun way) is when the scripture passage is a "major" memory verse, like Psalm 23 or The Lord's Prayer.

A couple of quick thoughts about memorizing scripture

  • Good memory verse activities should not penalize children who have poor memories, poor reading and listening skills, or haven't yet figured out why they should care to learn a verse.
  • Good memory verse activities create mini-teaching opportunities to quickly share important information or ask a follow-up question.
  • Good memory verse activities don't just rely on games, but take into account all the ways memorizies can be formed, including through visuals, music, art, movement, and drama. That's why Rotation Modelers don't blow through a new scripture every week. It takes time and variety to build lasting a memory and understanding of a verse.
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