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Here are five Bible verse memory games; some are similar to ones described above, but the article has nice graphics/PDFs explaining the games: Five Brilliant Bible Verse Memory Games for Kids from Anna Lowell,

  1. Dry erase memory verse game - write the words on a board and point to each word as everyone reads the verse together. Then begin to erase one word after each time you read the verse (including the missing words), until all are gone and everyone can still say the verse together.
  2. Hidden words memory verse game - a team game. Use a different color paper for each team; write the verse out on each piece of paper, cut the words apart, and hide the words around the room. Each team has to find their color slips of paper and put the verse together in order.
  3. Sticky note memory verse game - another team game. Write the verse twice, each word on a separate sticky note. Put the sticky notes in random order on the back of one person from each team. Another person from each team rearranges the notes into the correct order on another person's back while teammates shout out instructions. [This could be done from one table to another instead of on backs - it seems to me that sticky notes may not stick well to fabric shirts.]
  4. Wacky bean bag paper plate toss - write each word of the verse on a separate paper plate. Put them in random order on the floor. (You can do two sets if you want teams to race.) Object is to throw beanbag on the words in order. As a word is hit, it is picked up and words are stacked in order until all are collected.
  5. Dartless balloon board memory verse game - a bit more setup, but a creative way to add a bit of excitement to the memory verse activity. Use foam board (or cardboard) with about 14 clothespins hot glued on in two rows. Write the verse with a Sharpie a word or phrase at a time on 14 balloons. Glue two tacks under and to the the sides of each clothes pin, point up, so that a balloon that is clipped to the clothes pin will touch one of the tacks if the balloon is pressed back. Read the verse together a few times. Then the first student is given three beanbags to toss and try to pop a balloon. After a balloon is popped the class reads the verse together, including the "missing" words. The students take turns tossing beanbags to pop balloons and reading the verse until all the balloons are gone and they can recite the entire verse.



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