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Bible Lego pieces, kits

Legos are expensive, but there are many "compatible" "brick" building sets available at retailers like Amazon. Check out "Big Bag of Bricks" from SCS Direct. 1000 pieces for $30, and a stack of building "plates" for under $20. Fit well with any original Legos you may have.


"Trinity Toyz" makes several Bible themed "Lego compatible" brick sets. They aren't cheap, but their pieces can be used for many different stories. (For example, the Moses posable character can be used as a Prophet or God in another story.)  

Trinity Toyz building brick set can be found on Amazon, and at retailers like Wal-Mart. They can also be found on Trinity's parent site "Imex Models,"

nativity-trinitytoyzTrinity Toyz The Last Supper Toy Block Set, an LDS toy company, makes lego-compatible Bible figures and sets.

Lego company website:

Generic "Lego Compatible" "brick" building sets can also be found online and are usually less expensive than buying original Legos.

For the serious Lego-er, you can actually build your own posable "Minifigs" (mini-figures in Lego vocabulary). Select hair, face, torso, clothing, even print a message on them.  It's a UK company but shipping isn't expensive.

Online Images for Building Ideas:  

The was the original Lego Bible stories webpage. It's okay for adults to preview for ideas, but not for children (this caution is included on the webpage). Lots of Old and New Testament stories told with Legos. The author of the site has since launched "The Brick Bible" site with better photos of the story projects, and improved captions. Still, this is for teachers to gather ideas and not for children.


Videos of Lego "Brick" Bible stories

...created by churches/individuals

YouTube has quite a lot of them -but they are of varying quality. Search YouTube for "Lego Bible stories for children." Here's a quick list.  Many are suitable for showing to your kids to get their creative juices flowing.


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