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Reply to "Tips about the Post-Reply Editor & its various formatting options"


Want to "undo" formatting options? 

If you just typed them, then click the "undo arrow" on the top left of the toolbar.

If you have a bunch of stuff to undo, do this:
Highlight the text you want to unformat, then click FORMATS ⇒ CLEAR FORMATTING

BTW:  The "alignment" option also works to align images in your text. First highlight the image, and then apply formatting.

An important note about a big change in what happens when you press your ENTER/RETURN KEY when creating a post....

In the old editor, when you tapped your ENTER/RETURN KEY at the end of a sentence, your cursor only moved down one line. 

In the new editor, when you tap Enter/Return, it double-spaces to start a new paragraph. 

This change trips up a lot of people. It's an old habit from typewriter days, and the early days of WORD when Enter = a Single Carriage Return. But even WORD in 2007 started making the Enter/Return key add a double space to start a new paragraph. Our new editor adheres to this evolved standard.

Tip:   If you just want to go down ONE LINE, then press SHIFT + ENTER.  That's a universal "go to the next line" key combination found across the web and in WORD as well. 


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