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Reply to "Tips about the Post-Reply Editor & its various formatting options"

For advanced posting and editing...

Our Post Reply window's toolbar supports the following common keyboard shortcuts to format highlighted text and do other things in the editing window.

ctrl + i = italics

ctrl + b = bold

ctrl + u = underline

ctrl + c = copy highlighted text

shift + end = highlights text from cursor to end of the line (good for sentence highlighting)

ctrl + k = insert link

ctrl + f =  opens find and replace window

ctrl + g = open simple 'find' field to locate a word or phrase on the page

ctrl + z = undo last thing you typed or formatted

ctrl + x = delete highlighted text

ctrl + v = paste from clipboard  (if you have a URL on your clipboard, you can also turn a highlighted text into a clickable link using ctrl + v)

ctrl + shift + v = paste as plain text from clipboard

ctrl + a = selects all text on page

ctrl  + s = saves the entire page  to your computer as an HTML page you can open offline.

ALT + SHIFT +  1,2, or 3  turns a highlighted text into Headline 1, 2, o 3 font size.

And my favorite...

shift + tab = jumps up to the toolbar!
                     great when typing long gpost so you don't have to scroll up to the toolbar

re: ALT + SHIFT +  1,2, or 3  turns a highlighted text into Heading 1, 2, o 3 font size.

Here's a reference of what the various "heading" font sizes will look like:

Heading 1 <h1>

Heading 2 <h2>

Heading 3 <h3>

Heading 4 95% of normal <h4>

Normal Text <p>normal</p>    The "paragraph" option is under "blocks" on the toolbar


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