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Reply to "VIDEO and SCIENCE/DEMONSTRATION Workshop Lesson and Ideas for Jesus Calms the Storm"

Nathanael ( posted:

Jesus Calms the Storm

Science Workshop

 Summary of Lesson Activities: Three science demonstrations intend to spark discussion.

  1. Use Alka-seltzer in water and in oil to demonstrate how being filled with chaos leads to chaotic reactions but being filled with God's peace leads to no chaotic reactions. (Lesson included 



Came across this "Alka Seltzer Lava Lamp" science experiment which riffs similar to what Nathan was posting above.  In this version seen in the video, the difference is that you add WATER to the oil, plus blue food coloring, and the effect is like a rainstorm.  

Elsewhere in this thread, I described a "boat in a babyjar" project I once did. Next time I would definitely try this Alka Seltzer "Storm" bottle and ADD the boat 

Here's a link to the YouTube "HOW TO" video by the same guy. Really easy. 

I could see our kids making their own storm mix and boat to put in a mason jar (with lid to go home) and sending them home with tablets to demonstrate to family.

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