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More Cooking/Food Techniques/Ideas 

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If you had a short story, broken into a set of 3x5 cards, what spices and smells could you glue to that card for different words or parts of the story you wanted the kids to remember. (use no-odor spray glue)






Have the kids do a table top Bible story drama using food puppets.

Videotape it.


What food reminds you of the Priest on the Jericho Road?  (Stinky Cheese?)


What fruit reminds you of the Good Samaritan?  (Not great looking but sweet on the inside where it counts. A fudge filled cookie?)


French fries with catsup for the poor man beaten and left for dead?  (the kids would be talking about that for a long time)


Perhaps the drama (imaginatively) takes place in the refrigerator. Innkeeper = hydrator drawer?  With older kids you could really get them to think about the refrigerator locations and fruits/vegetables to do this drama with. Perhaps even perform it IN the refrigerator. 




Example of a Good Cooking Workshop

where each item in a SUNDAE represents part of the story:

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