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(WT) Paul and the Bright Light - Additional Resources Writing Team

Paul and the Bright Light

Additional Teaching Resources

The following listing contains additional teaching resources and possible alternate lesson activities for the Writing Team's lesson set “Paul's and the Bright Light.”

Link to the set's Bible Background.  Link to the set's Summary of Lessons

RESOURCES for Paul’s Conversion

(Includes: Stoning of Stephen & Escape in a Basket)


  • You Tube – Animated pencil drawings by Kayzelle and Emily  (2 minutes).  Conversion story only. Now this one I thought was cool and would be something an older class could create in an “ART WORKSHOP”.


  • "Life of Paul" CD -- Out of Print -- (this CD is in the WT's computer lesson)
  • "Life of Christ" from Sunday Software
    Lesson #37 – Pentecost story, stoning of Stephen, and conversion of Paul.
    2019 Note: Discovery Interactive’s "Life of Christ" CD has gone out of print (its material has been turned into an online course). Learn more here!


What is a Diorama Workshop - look in "Workshop Design & Resources" - under "OTHER Workshop Concepts" link.  
  • City and room where Saul became Paul ("shoebox" drama kit), with clothespin characters and props.


  • "30 New Testament Quick Skits", by Stephen James, Standard Publishing, 2004, 9780784716304. Pg. 92 - He Saw The Light – Conversion
    Steven James, author, of these two drama books always does a wonderful job with humor which the kids love and the message is always clear. Love his stuff.


  • The Day That Paul Fell Off His Horse, by Bryan Sirchio. On the CD Bugs for Lunch! Crosswind Music, 1992. (Even though a horse is not mentioned in the Bible, this is still a cute, catchy tune.)
  • “Paul Paul”, website: Maynard’s Groovy Bible Tunes! - Conversion


  • "Bible Stories & Activities Paul" (Ages 7-11), Teacher Created Resources, 2007, 9781420670691.  Includes map bulletin board idea and activities, such as crafts and puzzles for several of Paul's stories.
  • "Saul to Paul:  Enlightened to Serve" by Colleen Wiessner and Phyllis Wezeman, Educational Ministries, 1989, 9780940754744. There's a great rhythm story in it about Paul's conversion. All activities/lessons are done with techniques related to light because of the light on the road during the conversion experience.


  • Arch Books Series, Concordia.
    - "Paul's Great Basket Caper", 2009, 9780758616166. Includes conversion.
    - "Saul's Conversion", 2006, 9780758608680.
    - "Bright Light, Saul's Light", 1998, 978057075523 (OUT OF PRINT).
  • Happy Day Books Series, Standard.
    - "Paul's Great Adventures" by Jennifer Holder, 2009, 9780784722923.  Includes conversion.
  • God Loves Me Storybook Series, by Faith Alive, 1998. (Ages 2-3)
    Each book includes activities to do with children in the back of each book.
    - "A New Friend - The Story of Paul's Conversion", 9781562123178
  • "The Very First Christians" by Paul L. Maier, Concordia, 2001, HC-9780570071754.  PA-9780758606167.  Includes the conversion story.
  • "Paul's Life and Journeys", by Carol Kauaffman, Illustrated by Gao Hanyu, Scandinavia, 2008, 9788772479767 (ages 4-7).
    Cover (14" x 14") shaped like a suitcase - inside of cover is a simple map (14" x 22") of Paul's journey's.  Pockets on map contain 13 removable mini board books (3 1/2"x 3 1/4") (publisher's photo)
    First 4 Mini Board Books are: Saul Meets Jesus; Saul is Blind; Ananias Prays for Paul; Saul Escapes in a Basket.
    See a detailed review about this book under Resources for Paul's Journey's.
  • "Paul's Call: How Saul Became a Christian", By Kathleen Bostrom, Westminster/John Knox, 2004, ISBN: 9780664226367.  OUT OF PRINT
    Using rhyme (The Grinch who Stole Christmas) and wonderful illustrations to retell the story of Saul's life-changing encounter with Jesus.
  • "Upside Down, Turn Me Around Bible Stories: Paul and the Deadly Fall and Paul's Great Escape", By: Suzanne Slade, Cook Communications, 2006, 9780781443494.
    Two books in one, read the story of Paul's Great Escape in one direction, then flip the book upside down and turn it around to read Paul and the Deadly Fall. Also includes Faith Parenting Guide.   Recommended for ages 4 to 7.
  • "Saul: The Miracle on the Road", by: Carine Mackenzie, Christian Focus, 1997, ISBN: 9781857922967.   Conversion story ages 7-9.


  • Sounds Effects – “The Humongous Book of Bible Skits for Children’s Ministry” by Group, 2005, 9780764430831.
    Stoning of Stephen - CD track #50 (Angry Crowd)
    Conversion of Saul – CD track #51  (Horses Walking)
  • Kids could be angry crowd & a couple of kids with wooden blocks could make horse clippity clops.
  • Flashlight.
  • Black Light - Saul's Conversion Black Light story, ready to assemble (5 pages 11"x17").  By http://store.bibleclassworksho...m/shopexd.asp?id=553


BASED specifically on OR includes the Conversion of Paul storyline:

  • "What's in the Bible?  #11 - Spreading the Good News", JellyFish Labs, 2013, 858100003380. Episode 2, Chapter 3 (12 minutes) - covers conversion story.
  • "Read and Share DVD Bible Volume #3", by Gwen Ellis, Thomas Nelson, 2009, 9781400313051. (3 minutes - Short and simple for the little ones).
    Saul Becomes Paul – Includes:  A Mean Man, Saul is Blinded; & Ananias Helps Saul.
  • "Saul of Tarsus", Nest Family, DVD-ISBN 1564897052. Animated, 30 minutes, includes 3 quizzes on DVD, and 64 page downloadable activity book.
  • "Adventures of the Apostle Paul" (DVD). Ages 8+.     Three (9-minutes) episodes, animated.  First episode is Paul's conversion.
  • "The Story You Can Believe In" DVD (Visual Bible for Kids), 0849959403.  (Out of print – check amazon).  Drama.  30 minutes. Follows the story of Saul his subsequent conversion to Paul.  It starts with the story of Stephen, his subsequent stoning and the persecution of the other apostles.

VIDEO (PowerPoint / Slideshow)

A sample PowerPoint screen

  • Put together a PowerPoint with images from The Brick Testament - a site that tells Bible stories using LEGO™ bricks. For this particular story Ananias speaking with God is not included. Does include the lowering in the basket scene. (Warning: some Bible stories told at this site are x-rated! Use with discretion.)

    A suggestion by CreativeCarol: use screen shots to collect just a portion of the "Brick Testament" pictures and add your own speech bullets to create a "slideshow." A slide she created is shown at the right.

VIDEO (YouTube)

Contributed by: Luanne Payne & Jaymie Derden

Uses for YouTube Clips/Videos:

  • Use in your your opening time.
  • During Children's Time to promote the upcoming rotation story.
  • Instead of Journaling for Older kids - Most of the time I look for music videos that relate to the theme/story we're studying.
  • Can't find ANY good movies for a story use three Youtube videos. Before the clips give the kids specific things to look for. And afterward do the following related activity related to the story (use an overhead projector and have the kids recreate the story scenes using silhouettes made from paper/cardstock.)  It worked really well.


Luanne Payne


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  • Sample from CreativeCarol's PowerPoint
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