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Cathy and I continue to "re-discover" great ideas and lessons "buried" here in our massive site. Newest Treasures at the Top!

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Acts-DoveI hope you enjoy rediscovering these Pentecost treasures as much as I did.

I found them in our Acts 2 Pentecost forum.

Why Shouldn't Your Church Get Some Birthday Gifts?

Pentecost is considered the birthday of the church. This post has some clever ideas on inviting the congregation to gift the church with needed supplies--everything from markers and paper to mops and paper towels to acts of service!

How About Some Temporary Tattoos!     

Most kids love getting temporary tattoos, but the choices out there probably don't fit in  with your Bible Story. We show you how you can make your own tattoos using a printer and temporary tattoo paper.


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Fun Technique for Reading the Bible Better Together
(and promoting discussion)

WHAT IF the first time your students hear the scripture, they are excited and want to hear more?  Some teachers are tempted to breeze through the scripture reading to get to the “fun” activities but what if the fun (i.e. "attention and focus") starts IN the reading activity? That's what the topic"Creative Ways to Read the Bible with Kids" is all about --and it was a treasure to rediscover it here at!

“Mr. Microphone” was the first technique that caught my attention because I know how much kids love to talk into a microphone. The microphone creates anticipation, fights distractions, and promotes sharing. It’s also quite a bit of fun.

Rechargeable kids microphone

You will find the microphone suggestion along with other great ideas in Some Creative Ways to Read the Bible with Kids.  

If you don't have a microphone, try the MEGAPHONE idea in  this fun "Step to the Mountain Podium" activity.

The "Creative Ways" post also has other interesting techniques, such as "CUE-ING" their listening skills by asking them to listen for specific words or possible background sounds that are not mentioned and make a note of it as you listen. You can also have them list "the strangest word they heard," longest word, most important word.... or a word that reminds you of a sound. You can encourage their listening by having them vote by holding up signs  such as, "good advice," "strange," "main point!" "boo!"  "yay!"  etc.  See these and more ideas in the Creative Ways to Read and Discuss the Bible topic.

Sometimes the very best treasures are easy and very accessible, we just need to dig them up!


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Holy Week

It’s not too early to think about Holy Week and Easter. Here are a few treasures that could easily be adapted to self-guided or socially distanced experiences. More to come!


A Holy Week Walk & Easter Egg Hunteaster_egg-cross

Terry K shared her church’s experience with a Holy Week Walk-Through. Stations depicted events such as the Last Supper, the Garden of Gethsemane, the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, and more. At each station, a storyteller shared their experience and gave each child a plastic egg with an item representing part of the Bible story.  What I really loved about Terry’s story (besides the whole idea!) was how they had to quickly adapt their plans because of a thunderstorm. Many of us have learned about adapting on the fly this past year.

Walking and Praying

Prayer Walk

This Holy Week Walk, shared by Supporting Member Jaymie Derden, is a Prayer Walk that focuses on some key ideas about God and His love for us.  Some of the stops helped families think about God’s care during difficult times, His ever-flowing love, or His promise to hear our prayers. You could pick out some of these stations and set them up inside (or outside) for families to do at different times.  It reminded me of a Labyrinth Experience that we did years ago.


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Attracting Disciples! ~an At-Home Treasure About Discipleship

Who hasn't found themselves in "MacGyver-mode" these days? As parents and educators, we're all learning new skills, inventing new ways, and repurposing what we have on hand to keep our kids learning.

This "magnetic" lesson from our Call of the Disciples Science Workshop is a great example of this MacGyver-tude -- especially because it uses materials every family has at home.

The mission of this lesson is to explore what it means to attract others to Jesus. In the science lesson for The Call of the Disciples, students play with magnets and enjoy making their own electro-magnets to explore the idea of how God works through us to call and guide others to become his disciples.

Battery Electromagnet
The lesson includes a great video on creating an electromagnet and teaching points to illustrate the main concept: Not only does Jesus want to "catch" us, but he also wants us to help him "catch" others.

You will also find a helpful Lesson Extension section which includes discussion questions suitable for an at-home lesson where families can discuss "fishy situations" and how we respond when following Jesus.


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Early in the year, many Sunday Schools turn to the stories of Jesus' early life and ministry, so that's where I’ve dug up a few treasures that would be easy for families to do at home here in 2021 when many Sunday Schools are still not back at church.

Jesus carries a lamb in the Temple

Links to videos teaching the story of Jesus as a Boy in the Temple.  

With so many to choose from, you can find something that will fit the ages and interests of your kids! And the best thing for 2021 is that your families can FIND THEM ALL ON YOUTUBE.

Let’s Go with LEGOs

Lots of families have LEGOs or other small props that could be used to create tabletop Bible story scenes. Pick a Bible story—or let your children pick out a story. Read it from the Bible or a Children’s Bible and then let your kids channel their creativity into creating a scene or scenes from the story. If you need a little inspiration, this Lego Workshop manual (with lots of pictures!) will give you some ideas to get started.

Jesus in Space software

Hiding In Plain Sight: A free software program about Baptism!

Our Supporting Members can download and share "Jesus in Space" -- the free computer program -- with your families to give them a great lesson on the Baptism of Jesus and the meaning of Baptism!  This lesson walks you through using the software. Of course, your kids will probably have fun exploring it on their own, too!

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