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This thread contains many of the stock "Wormy" Rotation graphics we use here at the website. 

The ones visible in this post are larger-higher resolution.

You are welcome to save them to your computer and use them in your own Sunday School lessons, non-profit Rotation promotional materials, and to produce classroom signage and posters. You are welcome to modify/edit them. They may not be used in for-profit materials.

To Save them...
Windows users should RIGHT click the one you want and "SAVE PICTURE AS" or "SAVE TARGET AS"  to your Desktop. Do not directly link to the images. Mac users: hold down the CONTROL key before clicking on the image. This will copy the image.

A FUN IDEA:  Edit a Wormy Graphic to make it into a SIGN for your Sunday School. Take it to Wal-Mart or Office Depot and have it enlarged into a poster. Show them this page so they don't bug you about copyright!  You have our permission. Inc.






















Images (43)
  • loungecouch80
  • member
  • wormy-300dpi: 300 dpi, great for printing
  • fall
  • logo01-small
  • logo02-LARGE
  • WoRM-logo2 static: Old logo
  • wormy: transparent background
  • wormy-construction
  • wormyforum
  • wormy-biblept-R: Pointing at Bible
  • wormy-rotation: has transparent bkgrd and URL
  • wormy-rotation2: white background with URL
  • wormy-small: Small with transparency
  • newwormycolor
  • newwormycolorbig
  • folder-wt-1
  • Happy Advent-edited
  • Logo-transparent-bkgd: this is a png format with transparent background
  • Enews-stamp1
  • Edit menu bar
  • happy13th
  • rainbowdivider
  • worm1
  • wormy3
  • wormy4
  • wormyart2
  • wormy-scratch2
  • workshop-kids
  • workshop-kids-no-bkgd
  • workshop-kids-no-bkgd-sm
  • wormy-surprised-100
  • wormy-theater3
  • wormy-theater3da
  • wormy-video-sm
  • workshop-kids-bkgd
  • workshop-kids-no-bkgd
  • workshop-kids
  • Wormy-Jesus-Children1
  • 1-front-Rotation-Mascot
  • Rotation.Circle.Logo1-border
  • Rotation.Circle.Logo1-noborder
  • Rotation.Circle.Logo1-sm
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Wormy graphics can also be used in decorating your classroom space and as a life size welcome display.  Attached are a couple of ideas that our church came up with to get your creative juices flowing.

Creation Station



Images (2)
  • Creation Station
  • Wormy
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I made this version of our "Rotation description graphic" using

a photo from member Denise Hardy's Rotation Model Sunday School at First UMC, Monroe LA. She gave us permission to post the photo and I emailed her about my reuse.




Images (1)
  • workshop-kids-2
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