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On behalf of all our members, our thanks go out to Wendy Humphries and the Golf Course Road Church of Christ in Midland Texas for sharing over 50 of their Rotation-style lessons with!

You'll find them cataloged in their respective workshops in the public lesson forums here at The lessons were posted by "Lesson Wrangler" -- one of our admin posting aliases.

If you're a supporting member, you can search for all of Wendy's posts by using the search term "Humphries."  

In 2018 Wendy posted a link at to Rotation-style lessons she had created or edited for her church and stored in a personal Dropbox. At that time she wrote us this note:

Over the last 12 years, I have been involved with Rotation Model Sunday School on some level. Four years ago I began writing/compiling my own curriculum that consists of 8 workshops unique to our situation and schedule:  Art, Museum, Drama, Science (Sunday morning classes), Game, Service, Connect, and Soul (Wednesday night classes).  It is a 4-year scope and sequence for ages 1st-4th grade. 


When we learned that Wendy had retired from church position, we asked if we could post a "best of" at from her cache in order to preserve them for posterity and share them more widely with our community -- and she graciously agreed!

A team of us read each lesson, picked our favorites, created and posted summaries in our public Lesson Forums, and attached Wendy's original PDFs. We also added suggested improvements. 

PLEASE NOTE: Though each of her posted lessons includes references to all of the original lessons in their sets, we did not post all of them at Rather, we snagged what we thought were the best ones. Some of those not posted were written for their particular schedule and needs. Some lessons were written by other educators with whom Wendy shared lessons. And quite a few of the lessons were largely based on lessons already posted at If you don't see them at our site, we don't have them. 

In many cases, we have also added additional teaching suggestions in the lesson summaries we posted.  These include some ideas and alternative techniques straight from the pages of We also boosted the life application of some lessons, checked links, and uploaded some videos and additional resources Wendy had in her files. This is pretty typical of the lessons we curate at -- always seeking to improve, and letting one good idea inspire another.

Thank you Wendy and everyone who has shared lesson ideas big and small. 


We have posted many photos of Wendy's workshops in our Workshop Photos forums, as well as in the next post below. Enjoy.

You'll notice on all her lesson plans this logo of heart, soul, mind, and strength—a sort of "spiritual multiple intelligences."


We've created the above "primary color" version of it for those who want to use it. It quotes Luke's version of the Great Commandment and also has a more primary color scheme.


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Photos from the Workshop Rotation Sunday School
at the Golf Course Road Church of Christ, Midland TX

The exciting visual appeal of their Sunday School facility and "workshop" classrooms is a hallmark of the Workshop Rotation Model. See more photos from other Rotation churches here and learn more about creating "workshop."



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these pictures of room set-ups are so inspiring and fun.  we are a very small church without a designated room of our own for teaching our children, but this has inspired me to search for even the smallest space we can identify through these creative ideas as our own.

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