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JoanEppehimerAvatarOn behalf of all our members, our thanks go out to member Joan S. Eppehimer, a creative children's ministry leader in Jamestown, New York, for sharing her creative and cost-effective resource ideas and lessons with!

You'll find them cataloged in their respective workshops and Bible stories in the public lesson forums here at

NOTE: posting in progress, March 2023.

If you're a Registered or Supporting Member, you can search for all of Joan's posts by using the search term "KidFrugal."

Joan writes:

What is KidFrugal?
KidFrugal is a blog all about making ministry happen when there are no resources to make it happen. It is about doing it anyway, because with God nothing is impossible. It is about doing children’s ministry when you do not have enough workers, money, building space, or even kids. It is about making children’s ministry happen in churches with limited resources because we have a God with unlimited resources. I hope to equip you with ideas we have used, and more importantly, to get you thinking outside of the box so that you can experience the joy of what God can do with what you have (or don’t have).

It is the goal of KidFrugal to provide resources, ideas and encouragement to the small church, which I believe can still have a large ministry. I hope the posts on here can come along side you in some way and give you hope and assistance for your journey. The church exists to equip, strengthen and build up believers in order to do God's work. May you be strengthened to carry on and be a part of His great work through this small contribution of KidFrugal.

This is a blog about being a David in a Goliath world.

JoanProfilechefAbout Joan:

I grew up in North Plainfield, NJ, learned to drive on Rte. 22, spent summers in Ocean City, NJ, graduated from Marist College with a BA in psych, spent a year abroad (England), and earned an MPS degree from the Alliance Theological Seminary.

I met my husband in Greek class at seminary, we married in June of 1980 and were in full time ministry until September 1, 2019. My husband is an ordained pastor with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Presently we make our home in Jamestown, NY. We have two grown daughters along with two son-in-laws.

I have taught everything from preschool to adults. My heart is in teaching, but I also long to have a deeper prayer ministry.

My gratitude to my former coach, Barney Kinard, for helping to identify my giftings and focus in ministry. It was his guidance, direction and encouragement that led me to begin this blog. Barney is one of the coaches with Kidology. He blogs at Kidhelper. I would like to dedicate this blog to Coach Barney, who has poured his life out to equip so many in children's ministry, including me. Thank you Coach.

When we learned that Joan was planning to retire her KidFrugal blog, we asked if we could post a "best of" at from her cache in order to preserve them for posterity and share them more widely with our community -- and she graciously agreed!

A team of us read through her posts, picked our favorites, and posted them on Joan's behalf in our public Lesson Forums.

In many cases, we have added additional teaching suggestions with the posts. These include some ideas and alternative techniques straight from the pages of We also boosted the life application of some lessons, checked links, and included photos, videos, and additional resources Joan had in her files. This is pretty typical of the lessons we curate at -- always seeking to improve, and letting one good idea inspire another.

Thank you Joan, and everyone who has shared lesson ideas big and small.


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