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Armor of God - Dressing for Success

Summary of all workshops in this Rotation:

  • Art: the children will design a shield of faith that reflects their beliefs about themselves and about God's love.
  • Games: the children will dress themselves right with a roll of the dice
  • Cooking: the children will make sword of the spirit kabobs; and fruit roll-up faith shields.

Scripture Reference:

Ephesians 6:10-18

Workshop Objectives

What we will learn by the end of this Rotation:

  • What is the Armor of God,
  • What each piece of the "armor" is used for,
  • How to use the "armor" every day.

Teacher’s Background Notes
Read Ephesians 6:10-18.

Words to Know:

  • Righteousness – morally correct
  • Salvation – deliverance from destruction or evil
  • Gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ; something that is true
  • Hobnail – a short nail with a thick head used to protect the soles of shoes

Armor of God ~ Dressing for Success

Art Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

The children will learn about the "Shield of Faith." They will make their own shield to remind them of their beliefs about themselves and of evidence of God's love for them.  (Shield game added by Wormy)

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture for this lesson.
  • Be familiar with the list of words to know (see above: "Teacher's Background Notes").
  • Gather the materials
  • Cut shields from poster board (one per student)
  • Use a marker to divide one side of one shield into four or five sections. In one section, write your name (for example, Dave Smith). On the flip side of this sample shield draw the same number of sections mirroring the pattern drawn on the other side. Again, write your name in the first section. In the other sections draw simple reminders of your faith. (Refer to the lesson for ideas).

Supplies List:

  • white poster board and scissors
  • markers, crayons, etc.
  • scrap paper

Lesson Plan


Today we are going to we are talking about the "Armor of God."

Who wears armor? Why? (for protection)

What do you suppose the "armor of God" is for?

Does God need armor? No, God doesn't need armor, the armor of God is for us!

Why might we need armor? What do we need protection from?

The world is full of sin! The armor of God protects us not from real arrows or swords, but from sin and the consequences of sin.

What is sin? (anything that separates us from God; anything we do that pushes God or other people away)

We all sin. We all make bad choices at times. We can think of God's "armor" as helping to protect us from making bad choices, and it can protect us from bad choices that other people make, things like lies that people tell us, or from people trying to get us to do the wrong thing.

Let's read about God's plan for his armor that he wants us to always "wear."


Have students find Ephesians 6:10 in the Bible. If your Bibles have headings, point out what the heading says.

[If you have recently studied about Paul, mention that this is one of his letters. Review any other info about Paul.]

Traditionally armor is made up of several parts.  One of the pieces of a set of armor is called a shield. A shield is typically shaped like this (display one of the unmarked shield shapes previously cut out). Listen for the shield in the description of the armor of God in the Bible.

Have students read Ephesians 6:10-18.

Paul is saying we need to be strong in the Lord! The armor described in Paul's letter to the Ephesians includes lots of parts. Did you hear the shield mentioned? It was described as the "shield of faith."

Can anyone tell me what faith is?

That's right, it means belief in something. For example, I have faith that this chair will hold me up when I sit down. I have faith that when I fly in an airplane, it will take me up into the sky and bring me back down again. I have faith that God loves me and wants what is best for me.

So how can our faith be a shield?

What does it mean to shield something?

That's right; a shield is a part of the armor so it protects something!

So if I use a "Shield of Faith," I remember my faith, my belief that God loves me, and that can help protect me from bad stuff.

Has anyone ever told you that you're not good enough at a sport or that you're not good at math? It hurts, doesn’t it?  

Has anyone ever lied to you about something?

Do you suppose that there could be lies that someone could tell you about God?  (God doesn't love some people. God doesn't care about you)

What are wrong things, some lies, that people could say about your family? About the church? About the Bible? About Sunday School?

What are some lies people tell about drugs?  About what's important in life?  About money and happiness?

Whoa! We need a lot of protection don't we! Gods wants us to use his shield. Our shield of faith. Today we are going to be making a shield to remind us of how God wants us to use our faith to protect ourselves. We are going to draw pictures and perhaps write words, that remind us of our faith.

Distribute the shield shapes and markers/crayons and a piece of scrap paper to each student.

This project will take some thought before you start working on your creation. You may use the scrap paper to jot down ideas about what reminds you of your faith in God.

When you are ready you'll want to draw sections to separate your shield. You may decide how many sections you want to use.

Display the previously marked up shield with only your name written in one section.

Say: In one of the sections, or somewhere on your shield, you'll want to write your name.

What are some things that you could draw that remind you of your faith in God?

If needed, discuss some examples: draw a picture (or write words)...

  • of your family or your friends or your pet(s). God gave you these wonderful people/animals in your life. God loves you. God has surrounded you with people that love you.
  • of things you like to do, or feel that you are good at (a picture of you playing soccer, or a musical instrument). God gave you talents and abilities. God has a purpose for you.
  • of a favorite Bible story or a Bible verse. God gave us the Bible to show us that he loves us and wants us to have a close relationship with him.

When your workshop time is coming to a close, give a 5 minute warning.


Have the children share their shields with each other, explaining what each picture represents.

Close with prayer: Dear Lord, Thank you for outfitting us with faith for any troubles that may come our way. Thank you for helping us to stand firm. Help us to remember your gifts of peace and grace whenever we look at our shields. We also pray for those who are not in our class today. Watch over them this week and bring them safely here next Sunday. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

If extra time play Shield Game:

Have students stand up in a line with their shields.

Tell them they must "shield" themselves or a neighbor when they hear a lie, and when they hear a "truth" they should open their shield to let it in.

1. God doesn't care about poor people.

2. God doesn't love rich people.

3. Believing in God solves all your problems.

4. Because worship seems boring to me, it must not be good for me.

5. You are a failure if you don't have a good job.

6. You are a bad person if you steal and God won't love you.

7. You are only forgiven if you lead a righteous good life.

8. Smart people are better people.

9. Beauty is what you look like in the mirror.

10. You can't change the world.

11. More money would solve all our problems.

12. If you have doubts, you must not have faith.

Armor of God ~ Dressing for Success

Games Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

The children will learn about the pieces of armor by playing a dice board game. They will try to assemble all the pieces of armor to win.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture for this lesson.
  • Be familiar with the list of words to know (see above: "Teacher's Background Notes").
  • Gather the materials.
  • Make 2 dice using the boxes. On one die write the numbers 1-6. On the other die paste pictures of the pieces of the armor of God (or write the names for each piece).
  • Find and print the picture of the person wearing the armor of God and make TWO copies for each student.
  • If you won't have time in class for students to make the game board in class, then create it ahead of time. (Refer to instructions in the lesson.)

Supplies List:

  • Two large square boxes to be made into a set of dice.
  • A picture of someone wearing the "Armor of God" (easily found by searching in Google images)
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • A large king-sized bed sheet (or a large piece of vinyl or pieces of butcher paper taped together), markers, pieces of cardboard

Lesson Plan


Today we are going to learn about each piece of the armor of God. Who can tell me something about the armor God?

(Use this question to see what your student know and what they need to know about this story.)

Let's read about the armor that God wants us to always "wear."


Have students find Ephesians 6:10 in the Bible. If your Bibles have headings, point out what the heading says.

[If you have recently studied about Paul, mention that this is one of his letters. Review any other info about Paul.]

Read Ephesians 6:10-18.

Using the picture of the person wearing armor identify each piece as mentioned in the Bible so that everyone knows what, for example, a helmet is, etc.

In our game today, you are going to roll the dice, advance on a game board, and if you land on a piece of armor, you get to collect it and paste it to a picture. Each of us will be trying to collect a complete set of armor on our picture.

First, lets create the board on which we'll play.

Directions to make Game Board:

On the game board material, draw a "Candyland-like" game board.

It should have a beginning, but no end.

Make the game board's trail a set of squares that snake around your sheet. Have at least 30 squares.

On every other square, write/draw a picture of a piece of the armor of God. Every piece of God's armor should appear a minimum of THREE PLACES on the board. On some of the blank squares, write things like, "Put Back One Piece", or "Take a Piece from Someone", or "Go back 3 spaces", or "Choose a Piece You Want".

Pass out a picture to each student and have them cut it into the following pieces:

  • BELT OF TRUTH~ Jesus never lies
  • BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS~Jesus always does what is right
  • GOSPEL OF PEACE SHOES~Jesus gives us peace
  • SHIELD OF FAITH~Jesus trusts God
  • HELMET OF SALVATION~ Jesus saves us from sin
  • SWORD OF THE SPIRIT~Jesus is the living Word of God

Now pile all the pieces into the center of a game board, and give students the second copy of the soldier wearing the armor.  When they win a piece of armor, they will grab it out of the pile and hit it with a little paste and put it on their picture.

We are going to take turns rolling the single die. When it lands on a piece of clothing, you will put that piece onto your person. The first one to have their whole person dressed, wins. If the class has more than 5 kids, split them into two groups. The teacher should stay with one group and the guide with the other group.

Students should circle around the board and take turns rolling the single DIE.

Once one person "wins" all the pieces, ask:  Do we win when only WE get all the pieces? What should the winners do?  (They should help others collect).  So the winners can keep playing and give their new pieces to someone in the group (the first person on their left).  

Sunday School and Church are where we help each other gather the armor of God!


Go over again the meaning of each piece of armor. Ask the children what each piece stands for.

End with prayer.

(game adapted by Wormy)

Armor of God ~ Dressing for Success

Cooking Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

the children will make fruit kabobs while learning about the armor of God. Discussion on how the armor of God is important in our lives and how it can provide children with protection.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture for this lesson.
  • Be familiar with the list of words to know (see above: "Teacher's Background Notes").
  • Gather the materials.
  • For younger children, cut fruits into chunks and put each fruit into its own bowl

Supplies List:

  • various fruits, such as bananas, apples, grapes, pineapple
  • a bowl of each kind of fruit
  • plastic knives
  • small plates
  • wooden skewers
  • plastic wrap
  • Fruit Roll-Ups
  • Fruit By The Foot

Lesson Plan


Have students find Ephesians 6:10 in the Bible. If your Bibles have headings, point out what the heading says.

[If you have recently studied about Paul, mention that this is one of his letters. Review any other info about Paul.]

Read Ephesians 6:10-18.

Give each child a skewer. Have them begin making fruit kabobs using their favorite fruits.

What are swords used for? Have you ever seen a real sword? Who uses a sword? (allow fictional or real characters)

The Bible (also known as the "Word") is often described as a sword, because it's sharp, pointed, and can separate truth from lie. The Bible can also be used to defend yourself against personal attacks, and against wrong ideas. Scripture is a protection, a guide, if you know it!

When they’ve finished making their fruit swords, have them put the aside. Then give each child one Fruit Roll-Up and a piece of Fruit By The Foot, a small plate, and a plastic knife. Give each child a copy of the template of the shield of faith. Using the pattern, have them cut out their shield. Using the Fruit By The Foot, have them make a cross on the shield. Cover their shield with plastic wrap and have them take their shields home to share.


Close in prayer.


Have students mix sugar cookie dough and ROLL OUT in a 1/2" sheet of dough. Have them use a knife to cut out the shape of themselves --a solider in God's army!  This figure should be about 6" high. Place on baking sheet.

Next, take leftover dough and have them make the ARMOR and apply it to their dough-soldier. Helmet, Shield, Breastplate, Belt, Shoes.   At this time you may have them decorate the dough with colored sugar, if you want.

Bake in oven for about 8-10 minutes until done, decorate, cool (do a Bible study while cooling), and wrap in foil to take home and share with family.

Finish the lesson by eating some of the extra cookie dough you and some students shaped into SHIELDS and BOOTS. God's word is tasty.

What other food do we eat in our church that gives us the strength to defeat evil? (Communion)

Use the material on page 19 of the book Food Fun Devotions for Children’s Ministry.

A lesson set written by Alicia Schwartz from: St. Peter's Lutheran Church,
Middletown, PA

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