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Use REPLY to post your ideas for clay or tiles as art materials...

Cinnamon Clay & Cookie Cutters

For our Mary and Martha art rotation we made cinnamon clay in advance and had the kids use a hand cookie cutter (to remember there's a time to work for Jesus) and a heart cookie cutter (to remember there's a time to listen to Jesus). This clay was fabulous! Here's a link for the recipe:

link dead - try this one

It's a clay consistency not playdough texture so a little on the dry side but holds together well. Within a few days the shapes were hard and they smell great! As the kids were rolling it out it helped to have it between 2 pieces of waxed paper. We put them on paper plates to take home along with instructions: Don't eat! Flip over to dry through and through. Made them about 1/4" thick. They smell wonderful still!

Reusing removed bathroom tiles

Lisa posted

Exchange volunteer notes: to make a long post shorter...

Lisa was remodelling a bathroom and wondered what might be done with tiles that are being removed...
Any suggestions for kid-friendly projects?

CathyW posted

...A few ideas that popped into my head:
1. Use the tiles as a base for mosaics
2. Use the tiles as a base for a 3D collage--hot glue gun items to them.
3. Make trivets. The kids could color on them with permanent markers (might be hard to see on the dark blue but you said there were other colors too) Maybe there is a type of paint that would stick permanently to the tile as tempera paints would quickly flake off.
4. Assign each of the students to color/paint a different Bible story. Attach these to the walls of one of your rooms or hallways as a Bible timeline.

Now I'm wondering about a tile project for our program.


JCarey posted

You could use the tiles as a base and then use ceramic paints to paint on them and then fire in the oven. Michaels sells oven fire paint for this purpose and the end result is dishwasher and micro safe product. Also, I am sure there would be a way to use them as an outdoor wind chime if you have someone drill a small hole in them if they are those tiny tiles that I am picturing. If they are large then the painted trivet idea would be more functional. You could always use them just for the breaking process, covered with old towels for safety.

julie burton posted

I have seen a project using rub-on transfers. I've seen these in Bible verses or plants or animals.

Julie Burton

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