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This thread is for posting your favorite online and retail sources for Art Supplies, as well as other ways you meet your art supply and art PROJECT IDEA needs.

I have come up with a lot of sources for art project ideas. A good Google search will probably turn up 10,000 more, but these have worked well for me in the past and I thought I would pass it on:

Peace, Lisa Includes nature/environmental projects. general crafts. Teachers Guide Art Lessons. Secular. From the Kennedy Center (performing arts center in Washington DC) This allows you to search for projects by age, subject, etc. art and craft ideas Many creative projects using the crayons, construction paper, paints, and markers we already have on hand.

Sculpey Clay is another product line that has ideas on-line. Don't limit yourself to the "kids" projects. Many adult projects can be done (less professionally) by kids using kid-friendly polymers. This source is primarily crafts for adults, but which you can adapt. A search for "children" got over 700 hits, although some admittedly are projects FOR children rather than WITH children. is a sister site with similar projects available.

http://studiochalkboard.evansv...hiaro.html This teaches different techniques of drawing such as linear perspective or chiaroscuro (shading light/dark). We used some of the light/dark in a lesson on Jesus' birth (a light in the darkness). part of Disney on-line. Family art and craft projects. Search for project on the right side of the screen (Left side is purchasing info) Lesson Plans This popular art suppliers also has general and multicultural art projects with appropriate ages listed. Some neat stuff.

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Hi Chris
Supplies depend on your project. I have had great success with S&S and Oriental Trading for some things, and I also use Michael's Crafts. Wal-Mart can also be a good source of some things.

Don't over look members of your congregation either. If you put out a plea for certain items I think you will be surprised at what you can come up with.

I would recommend anyone search this site for lots of resource ideas here.
Jan S

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Big Lots is also a good source for supplies. And I also go to members of the congregation if I need a lot of one item. I am currently seeking peanut butter jars, and the congregation is coming through for me.

When I needed shoe boxes (good for many projects, and also good for storing items), I found our local shoe stores very helpful. Payless Shoe Source was kind enough to give me some and continue to save them for me. Big Five sells boots, and their large boot boxes are great! These stores both told me that many people do not want the boxes their shoes come in, and the stores were grateful to me for taking them off their hands!
Dollar Tree (or Dollar Bill's) is a wonderful source. Everything is one dollar. There is no guessing. They often have a craft supply section. For example, "buckets" of those cut-out craft foam shapes can be $1.00 there.
These are all great ideas - rummage sales, shop the after Easter, Christmas clearance sales, we have an email list of parents who offer to bring things throughout the year and we also have a weekly newsletter where we list items needed. Lastly, use recycled items - make goblets out of water/juice bottles, village houses out of toner cartridge packing, piggy banks out of water bottles and spools...go on-line and find all types of craft ideas made out of trash and you will save lots on your supplies expense!

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