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FORUM: Jesus Calls the Disciples, including: Jesus Calls Peter, Fishers of Men (People), Jesus calls Matthew, Us, etc

In addition to these public lessons and ideas posted below, our Writing Team has created an extra creative set of lessons on this story for our supporting members: Jesus Calls the Disciples ...and You!  The set's lesson summaries and Bible background are open to all.

This thread is for posting Sunday school lesson plans and ideas, for teaching the story of Jesus Calling the Disciples, in the ART Workshop.

Since this is a website was created by devotees of the Workshop Rotation Model, rather than simple construction paper and coloring "crafts," we're looking for rather unique "art" projects that make a unique and memorable connection to the story and/or its meaning. (For more info on this concept view the article: Guiding Principles for the Art Workshop.)

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Some key "Call of the Disciples" stories:

Matthew 4:19, Mark 1:16-20, Luke 5:1-11
“Come, follow me,” he said, “and I’ll show you how to fish for people.” (fishers of men)

Matthew 9:9-13, Mark 2:13-17, and Luke 5:27-28
"Follow me!"  The Call of Matthew the Tax Collector

Matthew 16:24
Then Jesus told his disciples, “If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.

Matthew 19:27-28
Peter said in reply, “Look, we have left everything and followed you. What then will we have?”  Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, at the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man is seated on the throne of his glory, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.


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  • Paper clips as fish hooks-1
  • Paper clips as fish hooks-2
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Another Fishing Lure Art Idea - add fisherman in his vest with fly-tying work stations .....

We used this concept during our VBS this year. The workshop was taught by one of our congregations avid fishermen. He wore his fishing vest while teaching and brought along fishing flies to show the children. For the workshop he had the children tie their own flies. He took a 5 ft piece of 2x4 and nailed 4 three inch pieces of 2x4 to the longer board. He spaced them so that he could place this board on a long table and the children could sit in front of their fly-tying work station. He then nailed a clothespin to the top of each of the smaller pieces. The clothespin then held the large fish hook that the children decorated with brightly colored feathers and pipe cleaners. They turned our beautiful. The kids were thrilled that they had a real fishing lure. He then put a small piece of styrofoam at the end of the hook to prevent any injuries.

Angie (Guest)

We are having 3 workshops this year - Drama, Computer and Games, and Art. Here is the art lesson - it is my own creation - no copyright worries!

Fishers of Men

Lesson Idea

Scripture Reference:

Matthew 4: 18-22

Memory Verse:

“Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” Matthew 4:19b


Jesus gathers disciples to spread his message

 Lesson Objectives:

  • learn that they are disciples of God who can fish for men.


  • Fish Shapes
  • Paper Clips
  • Magnetic Fishing Pole
  • Bible
  • Flannel Board Pieces
  • Colored String
  • Foam Fish Beads
  • Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Embroidery Hoops

Lesson Pan

Anticipatory Set: 5 min
Write the name of each disciple and class member on a fish shape with a paper clip on it. With a magnet on a fishing pole, have students take turns fishing and reading/talking about the names they catch.

Instructional Input: 10 min
Preschool-2nd grade: Use Flannel Board set
Grades 3-5: Read Matthew 4: 18-22

Craft: 20 min

String Art:

Preschool: Dip colored strings in diluted glue. Lay glued strings on paper to create a net. Add foam fish shapes. Border with a construction paper mat and let dry.

K-5: Separate 2 halves of embroidery hoop. Tie one end of string to hoop and wrap string around/across hoop to make a net. Tie other end of string. Put outside of hoop on and tighten. Add Foam Fish Beads.

Closure: 5 min
Tell one way you can “Fish for Men”

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Fishing Pole


Added by Neil MacQueen


Art Idea Summary - kids create their own fishing pole (fishing magnet), followed by "attracting others to Jesus" demonstration...


First, the kids create their own fishing poles to take home. Short rod, string, and a good magnet tied to the end. Following the 'making of' the poles, do the following which leads into a demonstration of various ideas.


Have the kids go fishing in your room using a short pole that has a string and magnet attached to it. Have various objects in 'the water' for them to cast and try to catch.


After they've had a bit of fun, begin to "modify" the magnets and objects to illustrate various analogous points:

  • things that get in the way of being able to reach out someone
  • some heavy things need multiple magnets, multiple poles.
  • some people are closer, more ready/willing to be "caught".
  • why do some people resist being caught by God?
  • baits:  what works? what doesn't? ...when trying to win people to God.




Cut out some posterboard fish and attach magnets to them. Kids label the fish with the names of their family members who are 'caught'.  Finish with a little contest and let the kids take home their poles/magnets/fish as a fun reminder.

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Here's a great example of how you can take a lesson on the site an incorporate your own ideas into it.  Judy Hall (St. Paul Lutheran) adapting Jan Nappa (First Presbyterian Church) art lesson.

Cal of the Disciples

Art Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Create Fisher's of Men "Fishing Lure" while discussing how they can share Jesus with others, includes a "128 Pieces Object Lesson" on how the message can spread by telling just one person.  Bonus song "The Twelve Disciples" (Sung to: “This Old Man) with guitar cords.

Scripture Reference:

Luke 5:1-11, Luke 5: 27-32, Matthew 4:19 & 20,  Luke 6:12-16

Memory Verse:

Matthew 4:19  “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

Supplies List:

  • Large Christmas tree ornament hooks
  • small feathers
  • Colored beads (6/0 or 8/0 mm)
  • Alphabet beads (7 mm)
  • Safety pins (1 - 1 ½ “ long)
  • Pipe cleaners (black or gray - cut into 3 pieces)
  • Lanyard hooks
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Paper plates (to put beads on)
  • baggies
  • sheet (to spread on the floor)
  • 128 wrapped candies (Starbursts or tootsie rolls)
  • Picture of fishing in Jesus time

Editor's Note: You may also substitute a stainless steel wire (found in the hardware store) to create a stronger, less piable, longer lasting "hook" in place of the pipe cleaner.

 In advance:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.
  • Bend the large end of the ornament hangers into a tiny loop (so there isn’t a sharp point when the kids handle them and so the bead won’t fall off.)- then, straighten the other end. This is the “hook”.


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Today we are going to go “fishing for Jesus”. While we read the bible story, I want you to think of 3 people that you could help “hook” into Jesus. It could be someone that doesn’t know Jesus, someone that doesn’t believe deeply in Christ, or someone that doesn’t attend a church regularly. It could be your friend, your father, the bully at school, a baby, or someone you don’t know the name of (Use the heart or star bead for people you don’t know the name.) We will make fishing lures with the first letter of their names.

Show a picture of fishing in Jesus’ day (They would throw the net over the side of the boat, let part of the net sink into the water – the corks helped keep the other part of the net a float – then pull on the ropes and “scoop up” the fish into the net, then haul the net and fish into the boat. All done by hand.) Discuss fishing in Jesus’ time vs. fishing today.

Read: Luke 5:1-11, Luke 5: 27 –32, Matthew 4:19-20, and Luke 6:12-16

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Art Project: Fishing Lures (It’s easier to do it all together - at the same time)

(Spread the sheet out on the floor – put the beads on individual plates)

  1. Make a “fishing lure” (the fancy thing sticking off the side/top of the hook.)  Put 4-5 colored beads on a safety pin. Set this aside.
  2. Give each child a “fishing hook” and ask them whom they plan to “catch” for Jesus?
  3. Ask them to pray first silently and ask God to help them think of someone they could share Jesus with. (This could be someone at home, school, sports, nursing home, etc – child or adult – sometimes its easier to say ‘my brother’ or ‘my mother’.)  See if they can think a little deeper to someone else – don’t push.
  4. Slide one colored bead onto the hook.
  5. Slide one alphabet bead - the first letter of the person’s name - onto the “hook”.
  6. Side one colored bead on the hook.
  7. One alphabet bead.
  8. One colored bead.
  9. One alphabet bead. (They can choose a maximum of 3 –4 people)
  10. End with 3 - 4 colored beads.
  11. Wrap the pipe cleaner (cut in 1/3) twice around the “hook” starting on the bead end- (holding them down at the end of the hook.)
  12. Add a colored feather.
  13. Continue to wrap the pipe cleaner one more time around the metal hook.
  14. Then, Slide the small circle of the safety pin onto the hook.
  15. Wrap the pipe cleaner once around the hook.
  16. Add the lanyard hook to the fishing hook.
  17. Bend the ornament hook down (to hold the lanyard hook in place.)
  18. Finish wrapping the pipe cleaner back down around the hook – this will hide the sharp metal. (The pipe cleaner helps hold the beads down in place and the lure, feather, and lanyard hook on the Christmas ornament hook.)
  19. The kids can hook their “fishing hook” onto their backpack, on their bible protector pull-tab, or somewhere in their room – near their bed for nighttime prayers – or wherever. 

128 Pieces Object Lesson (easier to have baggies of 16 – 32 – and 64 – already counted out)

(Take out one piece of candy from the bag and place it on the sheet.) Pick out one of the kid’s name – maybe someone that is shy or not the “regular”. Say, “this is Jamie, she was the first child to come to Sunday school. After church, Jamie thought “Wow! Jesus is great!” And went home and told Tammy (another child in class) the Good News about Jesus Christ and asked Tammy to come to church next week, which she did. (Take out another piece of candy)

Those 2 kids went home thinking “Wow! Jesus is cool!” They told Adam and Drew. (keep picking out names of kids in class until you have used all the kids) (Take out two pieces of candy and place them next to the others) Now there are 4 kids in Sunday school.

They each went home and told one more kid. This added 4 more kids to Sunday school. So now there are 8 kids. (Take out 4 more)

Those 8 brought 8 more kids (8 more)

Those 16 brought 16 more. (16 more– might be easier to have these in a separate baggy – inside the big bag)

Those 32 brought each one more child to Sunday school. (32 more)

Those 64 went home and told a friend the Good News about Jesus Christ and asked the friend to come to church the next week. (Dump the rest of the bag out on the tray)

Wow! In 8 weeks, Jamie started a trend that brought 128 people learning about Jesus that weren’t before.

Who can you tell the Good News of Jesus Christ to?

Go and spread the news!


Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for Your first 12 disciples. We pray that you will guide us in the way You want us to live. Help us get our “Christian equipment” ready to set a good example to others. Help us locate a good “fishing spot” to find more people to bring to Christ. Help us tell others about Christ. Help us remember to talk to the great fishing guide – to Jesus – before we set out to be His “fisher of people”. Amen

Tell the kids they can take one candy to eat. They may take another 1-3 candies if they will share it with a friend and tell that friend that “Jesus loves them.”

Extra/If you have time

(When they have an answer, tell them to put their hand over their heart. Tell them they can share their answer with the class or keep it between God and themselves.)

What is ONE real thing YOU can do to “hook” someone into the Jesus life? Let each student think of a way - silently. (Pray for someone, visit a shut-in and read a bible story to them/tell them what you learned in Sunday School this rotation, talk to someone about Jesus, etc).

When everyone has their hand over their heart, ask if anyone wants to share his/her answer.

Filler that can be used while making the fishing lures:

God wants us to be His disciples. He wants us to follow Him. God wants us to witness our beliefs of faith to other people. He wants us to bring more people to God. How can we do that

Where can you find people who need Jesus? (Anywhere – playgrounds, schools, stores, homes, shopping, etc.) Any place where people are can be a good “fishing spot"

Once you find people who need Jesus, what equipment do you need to be able to share the Word of Jesus with them? (God’s word – you don’t have to have a bible, but you need to know what the bible says, a knowledge about Jesus/spiritual things, and prayer) That is why we read our Bibles and study our lessons. We need to store away the truths and know what we really believe before we can share it with others

Fishing for people without prayer is like fishing for fish without a net or a pole. You’re not going to catch much without it! You’d be wasting your time

What is the bait that attracts fish to the net or pole? (Worms, grubs, minnows, fishing lures)

What is the bait that attracts people to Jesus? (Everlasting life, a better life, our lives – we’re the bait – how we act, what we do, our peace with Jesus)

Are you attracting fish? Is your life being lived as Jesus would want you to? When people see we have a real friendship with Jesus, they desire that same thing.

Does a fisherman jump in the water and start grabbing at fish? Not usually. They wait until the fish are attracted to the bait. In the same way, we cannot make people want to know Jesus. They will come to know God when they are ready. Just make sure you are available to help them and be their guide in Christ when they are ready to find the Father…but don’t be afraid to speak up either.

Sometimes fish are caught right away. Sometimes no fish are caught. Fishing requires patience and time. Fishing for people requires patience and faith and trust in Jesus.

We are to be what attracts others to Jesus, but ultimately, Jesus is the one who will “reel them in”. Be sure to give God “the credit” for bringing others closer to Christ. Do not take credit for this.


  • Jan Nappa, "Fishing for People!, Art Workshop, First Presbyterian Church, Napa, CA 


Bonus Song for this Workshop:

"The Twelve Disciples"

(Sung to: “This Old Man)

Jesus said, “Follow me,
Twelve disciples you will be.”
James and John and Andrew, too,
Philip and Bartholomew;
Thomas, James, Simon, eight,
Judas, Matthew, don’t be late,
Simon Peter, Thaddaeus, too –
   G7 ---------------------C
Twelve disciples, all for you.



A lesson written by Judy Hall from: St. Paul Lutheran Mason City, Iowa
Wytheville, VA

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Other Art ideas consolidated into one post by "CreativeCarol" July 7, 2012 ...

  • Picture frames with Fishing things glued around the edges, along with shells, and netting. Write on it "Wanted: Disciples".
  • Origami fish out of shiny green and blue origami paper with our preschool and 1 and 2nd graders. it was a big hit, they then cast nets and went "fishing". i think origami is challenging enough that older grades may enjoy it too.
  • Here is the website of a VERY easy origami pattern. (select the Two Fold Angelfish)
  • Fishing for Jesus Postcards - I'm thinking of all the advertisements we get in the mailbox. What about some type of postcard art that incorporated the idea you mentioned, "fishing for people?" (The postcard could be larger than normal.)
    Since the project is small, the older kids might be given the added challenge of 3D artwork, plus they could write a related note on the reverse side. (I realize this needs lots of work to refine.)
  • "Recycled Bottle Fish Mobiles" seen on Carol Duvall of HGTV. This item originally included a link that is now dead. Here is an alternate provided by Luanne Payne and Jerrie Lynn.
  • Disciple Shields - We focused on the kind of people the disciples were and made shields with symbols (fish, cross, money bags, sword are some of those used for the Bible disciples) which answered the questions: what kind of gifts do you have for discipleship and what do you have to say no to in order to be one (sleeping in, sports etc)
  • Fish Print T-Shirts - For our VBS we did fish print t-shirts as our art workshop. The directions are under Jesus feeds the 5000 lesson plans. Here. We then told the children that they can be fishers of men when they wear their t-shirts. When someone asks them where they got the cool t-shirt they can share the Good News and perhaps even invite that person to church and Sunday school. The t-shirts turned out so well that many of the members of our congregation have asked to make one for themselves. We plan on having a day after a Sunday service dedicated to fish printing during our fellowship time. I think it will be a great ice breaker when one shares the good news with others.

    With thanks to:
    Cindy LB (posted Dec. 9, 2002)
    Happycamper (posted Dec. 9, 2002)
    Rhondab (posted Dec. 9, 2002)
    SheilaB (posted Jan. 13, 2003)
    Nanette Goings (posted Jan. 13, 2004)
    Hilary S. (posted Feb. 5, 2004)
    TerriL (posted July 27, 2004)
    Luanne Payne (posted Feb. 2, 2009)
    Jerrie Lynn (posted Feb. 2, 2009)
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Years ago I was at a Rotation seminar held at Trinity United Church, Guelph, Ontario. Each rotation workshop was based on the "Call of the Disciples".  The following idea is from the Art workshop that day given by local artist Sue Richards (posted in memory of Sue who passed away in 2014).   

Disciple Fast Draw Activity:


Upon entering the room we were asked to stand in one of the cardboard boxes scattered around the room.

She started by telling us as adults we had lost our imagination, thinking outside the box.   Out of fear or embarrassment we didn't stray from our box where we felt safe.  She had us try to all move forward staying in our boxes - it was hard (and fun).

The disciples were each asked to leave everything they had, and step out of their box, their comfort zone and follow Jesus.

So then she asked us to shake off our fear, step out of our boxes, and follow Jesus.

Disciple Quick Draw Activity:


  • table (plastic tablecloth to protect from any marker run through)
  • long sheet of wide rolled paper (5 ft. x 2)
  • a marker for each team
  • chairs (pretend boat)


  1. Now that we were out of our boxes she asked what Jesus' Disciples might have looked like.  Allow kids to give ideas.
  2. We were then separated into two teams in two lines. 
    In front of each team, on a table, was a 5 foot length of paper.  The access paper went over the front of the table and under it.  So as the drawing grew it could be pushed back so the bottom came up.  A marker laid beside each (one for each team).
  3. Each team was to draw a disciple.  The first person in each team started and were given 30 seconds to start drawing their teams disciple.  The first person might just start the head & shoulders, when the teacher shouts change, the next person would continue where the team mate left off.  This would continue until everyone had a turn or until the disciple was completed.  
  4. When they were done she hung both of them on the wall and then ask us what qualities/characteristics would make a good disciple.
  5. Each team took turns volunteering ideas for their disciples (you may have to give them an idea or two to get them started).  As ideas came forward she wrote these around/in the disciple picture drawn by that team.


  1. She then had one team get into a pretend boat (made up of chairs). 
  2. The people in the boat were to use their disciple's characteristics to help them think of ways (words to say) that would encourage the fish (other team) to want to get into their boat and become fisher's of men (disciples of Jesus) too.
    Here again the teacher can help by taking one of their characteristics and telling them how that could be used in this instance.
  3. Once everyone was in the boat.  The teams switch places and did it again.
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Calling All Disciples!

Art Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Children will make "Wanted Posters" to help them to understand "what Jesus wants" his disciples to do. Then they will create a simple "Fisherman's Hook" (with fishing line lanyard if they desire) to help them remember what Jesus commanded his disciples to do and the people they want to "fish for."

Scripture Reference:
Matthew 4:18-22

Bible Memory Verse:
Matthew 4:19 "Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people!" (NLT)

Leader Preparations:

  • Read the scripture.
  • Gather the materials.
  • For young children, bend the ends of the paperclip "fishing hook" ahead of time so there isn’t a sharp point when kids handle. 


  • A fishing pole with a soft weight on it.
  • For "Wanted Posters"Paper clips as fish hooks-1
    • Poster board
    • blank color 4x6 cards
    • markers
    • glue sticks

  • For Fishing Hooks
    • Large, long Christmas tree ornament hooks or large metal paperclips.
    • Several pairs of needle-nosed pliers. 
    • Small feathers and beads -if you're making more than just the hook.Paper clips as fish hooks-2 Craft beads and or alphabet beads that spell "Follow-me" or the students' names. These can either go on the paperclip hook shaft IF your paperclip is big enough, or they can go on the Fishing Line you can attach to the hook to make a necklace loop.
    • Extra thick monofilament (fishing line) to create necklaces out of the fishing hooks and to slide the beads on.


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Open with a prayer.

Ask:  Has anyone ever gone fishing? Do you like to fish? What's it like?
Does anyone like to eat fish?

Do:  Show some of “tools” of fishing and explain how they’re used: bobbers, sinkers, lures, fishing line, poles, etc.  Tie a soft weight or ball to the end of your fishing line.

Demonstration: Have a student stand across the room and "cast" to them. As you do this -casting to several students, describe how Jesus calls to us, tries to "catch us" with his gift of forgiveness and a truer, more fulfilling life. And then hands us the pole to catch others for him! Expound on this metaphor as you have time.   If you have a fishing net, throw it over some of the kids as you talk about the fisherman/fish metaphor Jesus often referred to.


After you have "reeled in" each of your fish....

Do:  Read Matthew passage of Jesus' call of Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John in 4:18-22.

Ask for their ideas of what it means to “Fish for People”? (Explain how sometimes it's easy, sometimes hard.)

Brainstorm Together:

Ask:  If we were to write out a job description for a disciple, a person who will fish for people, what kind of person do you think Jesus is looking for today?
What are the skills you think that person needs, the equipment, the education, and what being a fisher of people entails?

Do:  As a part of this discussion, make a WANTED POSTER together.
The top of the poster will say "WANTED: Disciples Who ___".
Have kids write on postcards some characteristics and requirements of disciples today. Then glue these cards to the poster board. Include the words "Do you fit the description?" (Plan to display the posters where all can view them.)

Ask:  If we are to be the fishermen and fisherwomen, we have to figure out: Who, What, Where, When, How.

  1. Who are the fish? (friends, family who don’t know Jesus, either at all or don't know him well)

  2. What is the first thing a fisherman/woman must do to fish? (Select a good spot)

  3. Where is a good spot to fish for people? Where can you find people who need Jesus? (Anywhere) Playgrounds, schools, stores, homes etc. Any place where people are, can become a good fishing spot!

  4. After the fisherman selects a spot, what else does he/she need to get together? (Fishing equipment. Boats, nets, bait etc.) When you find people who need Jesus, what equipment do you need to be able to share with them?

    Say:  We need The Word of God, a knowledge about Jesus and "spiritual things" and prayer. That is why we read our Bibles and study our lessons. We need to store away truths and know what we believe before we can share it with others.)

    Say:  Prayer is an important piece of equipment. Fishing for people without prayer is like fishing for fish without a net or pole. You're not going to catch a thing. You're wasting your time.

  5. What is the bait that attracts fish to the net or pole?
    What is the bait that attracts people to Jesus?
    Say:  That's right. Our lives. We’re the bait! Our lives, how we act, what we do … are you attracting fish? When people see we have a real friendship with Jesus, they desire that same thing. Does a fisherman jump in the water and start grabbing at fish? Not usually. They wait until the fish are attracted to the bait. In the same way we cannot make people want to know Jesus. They will be attracted to Him by seeing what He does in our lives.

    Say:  Sometimes fish are caught right away. Sometimes no fish are caught. Fishing requires patience and time. Fishing for people requires patience and faith and trust in Jesus.

Important to point out:
We are to be what attracts others to Jesus, but ultimately, Jesus is the one who will "reel them in" in His time!

So ... What Is ONE real thing you can do to "hook" someone into the "Jesus life?"

Make the Fishing Hook (and optionally, the necklace)

  1. Give each child a “fish hook” paperclip and ask them who or how they plan to “catch” for Jesus. Ask them to pray first silently and ask God to help them think of someone they could share Jesus with. Could be someone at home, school, sports, child or adult.

  2. Make the "fishing hook.”   

    First, bend the hook as seen in the photo.

    Then using a pair of needle-nose pliers, bend each end into a small loop so that the sharp ends of the paperclip won't stab anyone!

  3. If desired, attach both the “hook” to a monofilmanet-fishing line and ADD BEADS as desired to spell out something significant. Tie off the necklace so that the beads don't fall off and you have a necklace. 

    followbeadsThe beads can spell out "follow me" or the kid's name, or the name of Jesus, or all of the above. Depends how many beads and kids you have!  (Note: "letter beads" can be found cheap online in quantities large enough to spell pretty much anything you want.)

    The necklace can be worn, or given away, or hung on a door or hook in your room as a "sign" of who you follow.


End with a prayer and have the children assist with the cleanup.

Lesson Update by Jan

Wanted to give an update ... I led this lesson for all 4 of our age groups, from preschool (3's & 4's) through 6th grade. It turned out to be a great visual tool. Even the Pre/K kids knew who they wanted to "catch for Jesus"!

Today I was asked by one of our high schoolers to speak at their lunchtime club "Students for Christ". There were about 10 kids there and I decided to use the verse "follow me and fish for people" and this project as part of what I talked about. Six of the kids made one and put those alphabet beads on their hooks, meaning there were kids they were going to pray for and hook! Smile

A lesson originally written by Jan Hanson from First Presbyterian Church, Napa, CA 
Updated and improved by volunteers!


If you have time.... make a "bead fish" to share with someone.  Use craft wire, monofilament, or pipe cleaners to make it easy to slide on the beads and twist the two lines to form the fish symbol.  





Images (2)
  • followbeads
  • beadfish
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Some fun fishhooks for the "fishing" project game idea above.

I took some heavier wire that I already had and shaped into a "fishing hook". We used chenille stems, beads, initial beads and feathers-everything already in our art closet. The kids loved them!



Images (1)
  • HeatherFogle-Lures

Paint stamping nets and fish. Dollar store finds!

We used nylon scrubbies dipped in paint to create a net pattern on the paper:


In advance I cut these sponges (with sharp scissors) into a fish stamp shape:


Fish were dipped in paint and stamped on top of the net:


This was an easy project to work on and keep hands busy as we discussed what it means to be fishers of men and how we can share the Good News (and who we can share it with).

This is something I did with my preschool class, but it could be enhanced for younger elementary by having the children consider who are the "fish" they are sharing the Good News with and writing names on the fish. It would then serve as a reminder to pray for those friends/family members and to share the Gospel with them.


Images (3)
  • netStamp
  • spongeForStamping
  • fishStamp

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