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Photos - Art Workshops in the Rotation Model

Learn more about the Art Workshop in the Rotation Model

The "Art Workshop" in the Workshop Rotation Model is an Bible art-themed and art-material-supplied classroom where the primary activity for learning the Bible story is an art project. Each week a different group of kids "rotates" into the Art Workshop to learn the Bible story using art activities.. The teacher stays in the Art Workshop each week rather than following the kids and they repeat their art lesson each week to a different group. This allows the teacher to get better at their lesson for the four to five week "Rotation" period, and the kids to really learn the same story in-depth that all the workshops are focusing on for that same period. View animated presentations about how the Workshop Rotation Model works.

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Art Workshops inspire creativity! and are loaded with creative materials and projects.


Making a breadboard for our Daily Bread, a "Construction" Carpentry Workshop.

Art 2008 Fire Furance 2

Recognize these Fiery furnaces?


Good Samaritan Quilt project for a local women's ministry made in the Art Workshop.
2nd grade class at Park Ave UMC, Valdosta GA.



Goliath never looked so good.

Notice the chalkboard wall in the above art studio.


Images (8)
  • breadboard
  • Art 2008 Fire Furance 2
  • artstudiostephenumc
  • ElmGroveB.Treehouse
  • carpenters2
  • statest3
  • ParkAveUMC-GA
  • ParkAveQuilt
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from Hampton United Church., Hampton, ON

Note the pictures were drawn onto the wall from colouring books and then ALL the Sunday School children, ages 3 and up, painted it ALL!

Art 1

Art 2

Art 3

Art 4

Art 5

Learn more about the Art Workshop in Rotation

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Images (5)
  • Art 1
  • Art 2
  • Art 3
  • Art 4
  • Art 5
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Art Workshop "Hand Art" photos from Denise Hardy, First UMC, Monroe LA



Editor's note: This was used for a Rotation about Noah. Denise says...

They are called Hanimals. We used tempera paint for the hands. If the paint should get on their clothes, use Dawn dishwashing liquid to get it out. Don’t forget the hairdryer so speed up the drying process. 


Have Fun - We did!
Denise Hardy








Images (3)
  • hand-art
  • handart2
  • hand-art4
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Rotation Model art projects strive to go a step beyond coloring pictures and gluing yarn on popsicle sticks. We look for projects to directly express the key idea in the lesson. We also look for projects that make it out of the backseat of the family car.

In this photo, the student has used clipart from one of the Writing Team's Isaiah in Advent lessons, and turned it into a "glo in the dark" painting that goes home to both decorate and remind students that Jesus is indeed who Isaiah predicted, ...the Light of the World.


In another project at Epiphany Church, students sewed a Communion Table "Altar Cloth"...


Rotation Model Art Workshop activities are varied and hands-on. They challenge student abilities, tap their creative gifts, and create memories related to the lesson. 


Images (2)
  • art-BarbLittle
  • epiphanyscoop2-creationstation
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United PC, Sterling KS

Creation Hollow - art, cooking & science (& hopefully, construction!). We were fortunate to have a small kitchen already existing in this area, tucked back behind the counter area.

CreationHollow 1CreationHollow 1 [1)CreationHollow 1 [2)CreationHollow 1 [3)CreationHollow 1 [4)


Images (6)
  • CreationHollow 1
  • CreationHollow 1 (1)
  • CreationHollow 1 (2)
  • CreationHollow 1 (3)
  • CreationHollow 1 (4)
  • CREATE-sign
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