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Please read this page before posting photos or videos at

Yes! Please post your workshop photos and videos! 
We'd love to see your room design and decor. Photos can be so inspiring! (You should feel proud of your efforts!)

If your photo is mostly about a particular story or specific lesson activity (and not so much about the room), we suggest you go to that story's forum and post your media in the appropriate workshop there.

For example, the Drama Workshop Photos topic in this forum has photos showing many different types of Drama workshops in action.  If you have a photo of an Esther drama that's mostly about the it in the Esther forum instead.

If you don't know where to post a picture, post it here.

Keep these photo posting tips in mind...    

♥ Do not upload photos straight from your camera. 

Their file sizes will be too big. Keep each of your photos under 300kb in size please.

♥ Please use photo editing software to downsize and compress photos. If you don't own such software, use one of the many free photo editing websites, such as:

♥ Do not link to picture URLs at your church's website

Experience tells us that eventually the photo's address at your church website's will be changed by your volunteers, and your link here will go dead. Thus, ATTACHING and uploading your photo to a post here is the only way to go.

♥ Don't post photos without the permission of the photo subjects, or their parents.  

In general, any photo taken in a public gathering place, such as a classroom, can be posted without the consent of the photographed (provided that the photo does not break any laws). However, photo etiquette and many church policies require that those being photographed (parents for their children) give you their permission. A lot of grey area here. Use your best judgement.

Copyright Info

Your photos remain your property for as long as you are a member of this site. If your membership goes inactive, and you do not claim your photos by asking that they be removed, we will keep them.  Your photos will never be commerically used.  However, by posting to our site, you agree that we may use your photo to illustrate things like lesson plans and in our email newsletter.

How to post a photo:

1. Go to the appropriate workshop topic and click REPLY. to create a post.

2. Type your info about the photo.

3. Click the ADD ATTACHMENTS  link below the text window

4. Click "UPLOAD FILE" ...then browse your files to select your photo. 

5. Click "insert into body of post" so that your attached photos are easily seen.

6. Finish by clicking "post now".

7. Include a brief caption under the photo.

Attach your photo to a post.

DO NOT use the option to LINK to the web address (URL) where your photo is already posted, such as, your church's website. Why? Because links eventually go dead when church techies start moving files around.  ATTACH and upload the photo to your post!

To Post a Video to our Site

1. Open a new post window.videolink

2. Click the video icon on the toolbar.

3. Select "iframe" from the format options.

4. Paste the URL web address of the video into the address field.

5. Click Insert and complete your post.


Do not attach videos. Unlike with photos, we want you to LINK to an existing video, and not attach it to your post.

The instructions above will make your video playable in your post.  Thus, your video must already be uploaded to either your church site, or to YOUTUBE.

Don't know where to put your pix, or your video link?

Add it to this post. We'll help you figure it out.

Need more help?

Email, or post a request below as a REPLY to this post.


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